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20 tips to sell more this holiday shopping season Checklist

Now that the holiday season is knocking at the doors, it is overtime hours for all retailers. According to the National Retail Federation, there will be an increase of 4.1% this holiday season compared to 2013. The workload is so much that retailers are expected to employ more than 800,000 seasonal employees. Similarly, online sales are predicted to rise by 10% against the numbers in 2013. Everyone in the retail industry is busy, from the individual seller to the biggest brands. The shopping spree will start with a few days left for the thanksgiving, but everything needs to be in order. Her’s our ’20 tips to sell more this holiday shopping season checklist’ that will help you make the most of this seasonal opportunity brought to you by syncline.co.uk.

  • Deck up: Customize your website design for the holiday season. Showcase the mood of celebration and you will be able to reflect the mood of the season. Start with small things like customizing your logo or changing the color scheme to showcase something more vibrant.
  • Special coupon codes: While shopping will be increasing, customers will still be looking for discount coupons and offers that will make their buy from your site more interesting.
  • Gift cards: An easy way out for last minute shoppers, gift cards is quite a popular way to make everyone happy. It will be great if retailers can offer gift cards as featured products.
  • Hoard your inventory: The demand will be overwhelming and you don’t want you customer to switch to another website after seeing the “stocks empty”. Do your research and make sure you have enough to serve all carts.
  • Combo offers: When someone buys a mobile phone, he will also look for a suitable protection cover or a power bank. Try to build up combos such as these and offer it as gift baskets. You certainly will be able to sell two products at once instead of just one!
  • Google Shopping Feed: Now will also be a great time to invest in advertisements like Google Shopping Feed. For many retailers, Google advertisements have already been creating the much needed exposure related to popular products.
  • Be absolute about delivery: Online buyers will not tolerate any late deliveries, especially when they are buying for a special day. Make sure you communicate the shipping time on your website to garner trust and attract more customers.
  • Optimize your site: While the traffic will be huge this holiday season, you cannot take the risk of having a slow server. No customer would like to wait for your products to load. Try compressing your images and find out other ways of optimizing.
  • Email marketing: Make sure you convey you greeting to past consumers and remind them of some exclusive offers available at your site this season.
  • Be ready with shipping: There is no room for delays.
  • Customize the experience: Make the customer feel that you have taken personal care of the delivery. A hand written note could work well.
  • Back up: You need to be fully prepared for any mistake, if it happens.
  • Hire! This will be the time to bring in more pair of hands into the workforce, the marketing, the logistics, the packaging and all over.
  • Gift wrapping: Most of the customers at this time of the years would like to go for gift wrapping.
    Easy navigation: make it easy for the customer to navigate through your website even if the catalogue has increased.
  • Don’t upset customers: Your customers should feel comfortable with the shipping, delivery, return policy, payment gateway and everything else. One negative review and you are doomed.
  • Guarantee shipping: Make the customer believe that you will not betray their expectations.
  • Blog: A great way to bring in the crowd.
  • Make an event: Make the shopping experience a celebration itself!
  • Breathe: Don’t stress out. You need to be in your senses!

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