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Makeup Essentials Checklist

Shopping for makeup can be overwhelming. One trip down the cosmetics aisle of your local department store could really drive you bonkers. Never fear, guidance is here! Follow these step by step Makeup Essentials Checklist for building your makeup collection essentials.Makeup bag or box. Organization is key. You’ll need a makeup bag or box to keep everything straight. Tip: Save some money by purchasing a fishing tackle box at your local sporting goods store. It’s got all of the right compartments to store your beauty items.

  • Keep it simple. Since you’re just starting out on this journey with makeup, you’ll want to keep things simple. If you don’t, you end up wasting a lot of money on products and colors you don’t like and won’t wear.
  • Get a makeover. Go to your favorite department or makeup store and ask for a makeover. The cosmetician will explain what she’s doing to your face as she does it. He or she will usually encourage you to try a few techniques out while you are there. He or she will send you home with samples to work with when you’re at home.
  • Start with skin. This kind of makeup is called base or foundation. It comes in different forms: cream, cake, powder or liquid. When you’re getting your makeover, you can try different types and see what works for you. Keep in mind, unless you’re performing on stage or getting ready for a photoshoot, there is no real need for foundation. It’s great to look fresh faced in your day to day activities. You achieve that look by not applying foundation. Sometimes a base coat will make you look older, which is the opposite of what most women are going for!
  • Move on to eyes. There are so many products you can apply to your eyes: shadows, mascara, liner. Start with mascara. A little bit goes a long way. Choose a shadow that suits your skin tone. Avoid crazy colors in the beginning. Work your way to liner once you’ve mastered the other two.
  • Lips are next. It’s best to start with light shades. They are easier to match with the rest of your make up. Also, darker shades can be trickier to apply. A nude lip gloss is always a great place to start.
  • Last but not least, cheeks. To apply blush, all you have to do is crack a huge smile and notice the part of your cheeks that stick out. Brush a light swipe of color to that area in a circle. If you’re sun kissed and have a rosy complexion, I recommend going without. However, if you’re craving a little extra color in your cheeks, follow these guidelines. For tan skin, pick a bronzer. For fair skin, choose a peachy pink color. For dark skin, pick any color, light or dark, and it will look good on you.
  • Want to go that extra mile? Let’s say you have a music festival coming up. Or maybe, you are planning a special night out on the town with the ladies, and you want to make a big impression. There are fun ways to add a little extra sparkle to your features, such as bindis, decorative stickers and flash tattoos.
  • Have a zit? It happens. Buy a bottle of concealer that matches your skin tone for those pesky little pimples that pop up from time to time.
  • Are you really enjoying this process? If so, invest in a good brush set. They will help you apply your makeup better.
  • Need more tips? There are oodles of books and sites out there that can help you with the specific issue you’re wanting to learn more about. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your friends for advice.

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