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Twitter using Pluggio Checklist (The Basics)

If you don’t know what Pluggio is, it’s a great bit of online software that allows the user to automate, aggregate, drip feed and bulk upload tweets. After trying all sorts of twitter automation tools, I’ve decided that Pluggio isn’t perfect, but it’s the best I’ve used. The great thing about Pluggio is that once you set it up – see my checklist, Setting up Pluggio for Twitter Checklist (The Basics) – you can allow a lot of the grunt work to be performed automatically. Pluggio automatically sends out direct responses to new followers, gathers information around the Internet that might be worthy of you retweeting (based on keyword searches). And I love the bulk upload option. You can upload 50 to 100 tweets for the week, set them to fire off every hour to 2 hours and your main tweets are taken care of.

This leaves you time to respond to messages, build relationships and enjoy Twitter rather than think it’s a massive headache. Now that I’ve used Pluggio for a few months I couldn’t imagine living with out it! Get Pluggio.

Twitter using Pluggio Checklist

  • Log onto Pluggio
  • Select the account you want to work with (if you have more than one)

TWITTER SCREEN HELP BUTTON (Work from left to right across the top buttons)

  • Go through DM’s (direct messages) and @ mentions – Respond to any personal DM’s, validation requests and thank anyone mentioning you
  • Go to ReTweets and thank anyone for retweeting you (Thank you for RTing me!)
  • Go to New Followers, thank them for following and follow back anyone you’re not already following


  • Go through all your content stream sources and add to drip feed (or schedule for specific time). Tip: click on the clock to see when your drip feeds will end and make sure you’re selecting enough content to last for a few days.


  • (Monday’s Only) Bulk upload enough tweets for the week that are specific to your content or products/services only
  • Make sure there are enough tweets loaded to last until the end of the week (or any set day)


  • Look at your follower ratio – ideally you want more followers than you are following. If your ratio is low like 0.5 or below, get ready to purge (next step)


  • Depending on your follower ratio, either follow or unfollow to ensure you’re 0.7 or above (for every 10 people you follow, 7 people follow you back)


  • Depending on time, see if there are any tweets you want in the general stream, on a list or someone you’ve set to watch that you want to reply, retweet or edit and retweet.

Pluggio is a dream come true for me…and the great thing is that they have a FREE account offering. Twitter using Pluggio is the a great time-saver and overall, I’m able to tweet better content and grow my following faster. Visit Pluggio now!

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