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Event Planning Rentals Checklist

This Event Planning Rentals checklist covers the most commonly rented event accommodations. This includes everything from port-o-potties to cleaning staffs to shuttle busses. For electronic equipment, check out the Event Planning Equipment Checklist for a more comprehensive breakdown. If you need some extra room to hash out your ideas, check out the Event Planning Getting Started Checklist  and get rolling with planning your most memorable corporate event ever!

General Event Rentals

  • Venue rented
  • Forms completed and mailed
  • Remainder of space fee paid
  • Booth location requested
  • Backup venue rented (if outdoor, weather permitting)
  • Max. attendance and max. capacity of selected venue match
  • Emergency protocols established
  • EMT staff, contact your local police for more info
  • All deposits paid for rental equipment

Outdoor Event Rentals

  • Port-o-potties
  • Fences
  • Outdoor stage
  • Garbage receptacles
  • Recycling receptacles
  • Tents to accommodate guests
  • Tents provide protection of food, equipment, etc.
  • Sandbags or weights if necessary
  • Gov. agencies notified of event


  • Tables and chairs for sitting
  • Registration tables
  • Food or beverage tables
  • Guest speaker seating
  • Seating for a guest panel
  • Benches

Travel and Parking Logistics

  • Parking for guests
  • Additional or overflow parking for guests
  • Parking maps
  • Parking vouchers if necessary
  • Travel shuttles if necessary
  • Directions established

Housekeeping and Garbage Logistics

  • Cleaning staff for before and after event
  • Cleaning staff for emergencies during event
  • Garbage and recycling receptacles

Exhibitor provided rentals

  • Audio visual rentals
  • Carpet rentals
  • Cleaning
  • Computer rental
  • Drayage
  • Electrical furniture
  • Internet labor
  • Lead scanners
  • Signage

Collateral and other items

  • Collateral items created
  • Collateral items packed
  • Swag items packed
  • Power strips/extension cords packed
  • Miscellaneous items packed

Food and Catering Rentals

  • Cost per head or upfront
  • Beverages ordered (OJ, Coffee, Water)
  • Food (fruit platters, bagels, baguettes, sandwiches, cakes)
  • Self service or waiting staff
  • Alcohol approvals and NC permits
  • Tables, tablecloths, cups and saucers
  • Plates, napkins, knives and forks
  • Special dietary requirements of guests
  • Menu

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