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Enthography checklist

Students sometimes find it difficult to determine whether or not a work is an ethnography. Use this simple Enthography Checklist to guide you through the features that suggest ethnographic work.

  • This work reflects a researcher’s participant observation.
  • This work states when and where the work was conducted.
  • This work describes and analyzes concrete events from the native’s point of view.
  • This work describes and analyzes concrete events from the researcher’s point of view.
  • This work links to wider cultural and social practices, values, beliefs.
  • This work could be considered a case study.
  • This work compares this case study to others out there.
  • This work uses historical accounts (primary resources like diaries, letters, newspaper articles).
  • The author of this work is a trained researcher.
  • This work is scholarly/peer-reviewed.

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