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Social Sharing on Facebook Checklist

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms and learning the art of social sharing on Facebook is really necessary in order to promote your brand, increase your customer base and revenues. This Social Sharing on Facebook Checklist highlights your 12 months plan which can be used for posting various events on Facebook.

  • January: People are hungry for discounts. Use giveaways, coupon codes and free deals as a trick to rule the market. New year, new sales, new deals!
  • February: Run a photo contest or special deal, the couple gets the highest votes will win. It will increase your reach.
  • March: Run a video contest and the user who will post the most funniest video will get discount on certain service or goods.
  • April: It’s a idea time. Ask your fans to post ideas about the home or garden decoration on Easter. Let your fans decide the best candidate by voting.
  • May: As this time people love to spend most of their time inside. An essay or short story competition will be great.
  • June: Run an essay competition where participants will post story or advice they received from their father.
  • July: Again a photo contest where participants will vote for their favorite player. Draw winners and offer discounts.
  • August: A video contest will be the best. Whoever will post the most lively video of carnival will win.
  • September: Its time to share your love for music and food recipes. Best recipe will win the hearts and discounts.
  • October: Run a costume competition. Entrants dress up in their fancy clothes and post the photo
  • November: Its time to honor and remember the ones who have lost their lives in battles. Run a small charity program and sell your goods to raise funds.
  • December: Its end of the year, run 2 or 3 competitions like Christmas tree decoration competition, Santa costume competition etc. Offer free greeting cards to non-winners as well.

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