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Beach Trip Checklist

For most, heading to the beach is the best. It signals decompression from a fast paced life and connection with the Earth and it’s natural beauty. Salt water and it’s minerals, abundant sunshine, relaxation – all healthy things when done right. In order to make the most of your trip to the beach, make sure you’re prepared for a day of fun in the sun!

Beach Trip Checklist

  • Beach Essentials. You’ll want a big water resistant beach bag to carry all your items in, such as a blanket, big beach towels, and flip flops. A smaller mesh bag is great thing to bring along for picking up seashells and rocks you’ll want to keep when you’re combing the beach.
  • Sunblock and sun blocking accessories. A little bit of vitamin D is good for you, but too much is dangerous. It’s easier to get burned at the beach because of the reflection of the sun on the water. Be sure to bring sunblock (the higher the SPF, the safer). Other items you should consider: umbrella, visor/wide brimmed hat, sunglasses and a tee shirt.
  • Cooler full of snacks and beverages. You’ll need to re-fuel after hours in the sun. Pack a cooler full of ice and stick some bottled waters, juice and/or cans of beer (cans are better than bottles to prevent glass from breaking on the beach) inside along with fresh fruits (pre-cut watermelon chunks, apples, and oranges are always a hit.
  • Toys. Bringing the kiddies? They’ll want to play and you’ll want some down time, so be sure to bring enough toys to keep them entertained. A pail, shovel, frisbee, and beach ball are a good place to start.
  • Sports. Some people can’t sit still. Cure your idleness by bringing a boogie board, surf board, snorkeling accessories, fins and/or a volleyball. It’s great exercise and super fun. You can arrange a surfing lessons on the beach ahead of time. Not enough people in your party to play a game of volleyball? Make new friends by recruiting friendly people nearby.
  • Dog. Don’t leave the family dog at home. Dogs love to run along the coast and jump in the surf. Be sure to check and see if the beach you’re going to allows dogs, and don’t forget to clean up after him/her.
  • Binoculars. From sailboats to whales to dolphins, turtles, birds and lizards, you’ll see the coolest things at the beach. One way to check it all out from the comfort of your beach blanket is by peeping them through your binoculars.
  • Music. Listening to the sound of the waves crash against the beach is hypnotic and soothing, but sometimes you’ll want to hear some tunes. Be mindful of your neighbors at the beach. Don’t be rude and play your music too loud. One way to avoid this is to bring earbuds or headphones.
  • Reading materials. Trashy romance novels, mysteries and celebrity gossip magazines are a fun way to entertain yourself while sunbathing.
  • Camera. Beach sunsets are the best. Bring a disposable or cheap camera or just snap a photo on your smartphone as a reminder of your day. Remember to put it away, though. It’s hard to relax when you’re busy snapping photos every few minutes. Let your focus be on the moment, not capturing it with a camera.
  • Aloe vera. A wee bit too much sun on the skin? Apply some aloe after you’ve showered off and before you hop back in the car on the ride back to your hotel or home. It will help soothe your skin.
  • Change of clothes. After rinsing off, you’ll want to put on dry clothes for the ride back. It’ll keep the seats of the car from getting wet, and you’ll be more comfortable because of it.
  • Garbage bag. Pick up after yourself. It’s a good idea to bring a garbage back and pick up the debris from your surrounding area so that litter doesn’t get pulled back into the ocean and ruin the environment. Respect Mother Nature so you can come back and enjoy the beach and sea creatures for years and years to come!
  • Baby power. Apparently this works wonders to get the sand off.

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  1. @Suzanne Thanks for the baby power tip, we’ve added that to the checklist.

  2. Take baby powder it helps get the sand off. I find outby a mother on the beach with her kids and I had my 3 month old with me

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