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Bridal Shower Checklist

If you’re the maid of honor or a bridesmaid this wedding season, lucky you because it is your privilege (and you may be asked to) plan a bridal shower for the bride-to-be. Don’t know where to begin? Look no further than this, our bridal shower checklist to help plan a happy, memorable day for you all.

  • Pick a date. At least two weeks before the wedding. The earlier the better, like two months beforehand.
  • Set a budget. Spending a ton of money on a bridal shower won’t necessary guarantee a good time. These parties are fun for the bride because she gets to see friends and family, open a pile of presents, and be the center of attention. Focus on making the event enjoyable instead of extravagant. The guest of honor – and your wallet – will thank you.
  • Make a guest list. You should set the number of guests you’re inviting. If the shower isn’t a surprise, consult with the bride on whom you should invite.
  • Choose a theme. The theme should be relatively simple, pick a color, a destination or an object and have the decor reflect that (don’t forget the balloons!).
  • Find a location. It could be your home, someone else’s, a hotel or a club.
  • Buy or make an invitation. Is the shower a surprise? Be sure to clearly state that if it is. You may also want to include registry information.
  • Send out invitations. Invitations set the tone for the shower, so they’re a host’s first chance to establish the mood and theme. Aim to send them three to four weeks before the shower date.
  • Plan a menu. For a light lunch and nibbles, try sweet pea soup, tea sandwiches, and lemon squares. Make a shopping list for the food and drinks. Buy any hard-to-find ingredients at least the day before so you aren’t rushing or under pressure.
  • Confirm reservations. Do this the day before the bridal shower.
  • Day of bridal shower:
    • Make sure the house or venue is clean and tidy
    • Create a table or area for people to place their gifts
    • Determine a location for storing purses and jackets
    • Set up food and drink stations
    • Assign someone in the bridal party to record who brought what gift
    • Assign someone to package gifts so they’re easy to bring home at the end of the day
    • Put up the decor
    • Create a hashtag for the bride if guests are posting photos to social media, that way the bride can save any photos she may not have known were taken.
    • Display the balloons outside the venue
    • Relax and enjoy yourself!!!

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