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PF Checklist

MALE STUDENTS – REQUIRED Black Shoes Bowtie White Formal Shirt Black Studs (ENS) Jacket (ENS) Cummerbund (MC) Vest FEMALE STUDENTS – REQUIRED Black Shoes Dress ALL STUDENTS – REQUIRED RED Chorus T-Shirt ALL STUDENTS – SUGGESTED 4 pairs of socks 4 pairs of undergarments Medications Chargers Raincoat Umbrella Sweater/Light Jacket Hats Sunscreen Sunglasses Shampoo Body Wash/Soap Deodorant Toothbrush/Toothpaste Hair brush, …

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Class #1 Checklist

Tell Me About Yourself A Little Bit About Me Syllabus Review Class Expectations SAT Overview: Reading and Writing Join Codes Join Khan Academy Join vocabulary.com Join 11th Grade Counseling Group Taking the SAT in School Lingering Questions and/or Comments Vocab #1 What to Expect Next Class

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Create-A-Country Project Checklist

Use this checklist to make sure you have all of the required parts for your brand new country! If you can honestly and accurately check all of these boxes, you’ll meet all of our requirements 😀 My design has the following features: My country has a name My country does not overlap where an actual country currently exists My country …

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Week 4 Checklist

Does your Project Outline clearly explain the context and nature of the problem you are trying to solve? Have all authors been listed under the Group Statement of authorship? Have relevant images and figures been included and referred to in your text? Do all images have appropriate captions? (See APA 6 referencing for how to caption figures.) Do all fonts/headings/alignments …

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Teaching Portfolio Checklist

Schedule a preliminary consultation Identify goals and timeline Review and collect your teaching materials  Review portfolio rubric/checklist Identify materials needed and experiences to document Draft portfolio components (CTI/peer) Review of portfolio components Discipline-specific faculty review Letter of documentation of completion

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