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Choosing a School Checklist

Choosing the right school for your child is crucial as the school plays very important part in a child’s development as it will shape them into young adults. The right school will help your kid learn better and also help develop their personality, encourage their interests, support them and develop their strengths, and cultivate healthy social skills. While the idea of the perfect school will differ from person to person we hope this choosing a school checklist helps you get started.

  • Write down your preferences:
    • Public or private schooling?
    • Day or boarding school?
    • Do you want your kid to go to a school nearby to your home or office?
    • Can you provide the daily transport?
    • What’s the maximum commute time you want to spend in the car each way?
    • Do you need after school care?
  • Is there a particular neighbourhood that you are keen on in order to narrow down the schools to check.
  • How much is the school going to cost? Ask for the school’s fees details including tuition fees, costs of extracurricular activities, transport costs and so on. Decide if your school costs fit your budget. While checking out the school fees also learn if there are any scholarships and fees concession.
  • Know the school curriculum. Each school follows a different curriculum and teaching methods. Having an idea of the values and philosophies of the school helps you gain a better picture.
  • What is the school uniform?
  • While assessing a school you should ask about their discipline and homework policies.
  • Check out the school’s facilities. Does it have …
    • spacious classrooms
    • a big playground
    • gym
    • labs
    • swimming pool
    • library
    • after school clubs
    • a good ratio of students to computers
  • The number of children per class is also an important factor so don’t forget to find out what the average class size is.
  • Ask the school questions about the parents’ involvement in school activities:
    • What kind of communication does the school prefer to have with parents?
    • How often are the PTA meetings?
    • What duties are expected of parents?
  • Find out if the school has a religious affiliation and the impact on the school curriculum
  • Understand the school’s reputation. Take a look at the school’s previous academic records and achievements, their safety measures, their track records, any worrying incidents?
  • If you’re interested in the extracurricular activities then find out if they have:
    • Sports teams
    • Special arts classes
    • music classes
    • competitions / tournaments
  • Where are your friends kids going to school? If you’re transferring your kid from one school to another perhaps you will decide on sending your kid to the school his or her friends go to.
  • Once you have narrowed down the schools take a school tour, shiny brochures never beat a walk around the school campus. Meet the principle. Check out the classrooms, labs, play area, safety measures, and gauge the general feel of the school.
  • How long is the waiting list
  • Is there an entrance interview / exam
  • When’s the deadline to make a decision for the next school year?

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