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Triathlon Equipment Checklist

Triathlon is an athletic event where the athletes undergo three consecutive endurance tests starting with swimming followed by cycling and running. Triathlon may seem daunting to many, but with proper training and rigorous practice it is an achievable feat. Along with training and practice you need to start out with the right gear for optimum results. For those trying out Triathlon for the first time, don’t invest in every fancy triathlon gear before you learn the ropes. A basic swim suit, any bike, and a pair of running shoes will do wonders for the first try. But, if you decide to invest on the triathlon gear, be sure you’re in for the long haul.

Beginner Triathlon Equipment Checklist

  • A full-sleeve wet suit. Invest in a quality wet suit which is flexible and has great buoyancy. It may take some time for you to adjust to wearing a wetsuit which tends to stick to your skin.
  • A Tri-suit (a single garment for the entire event.)
  • A pair of goggles with great visibility.
  • Silicon swim caps.
  • Ear plugs and Nose clips.
  • Hand Paddles and Fins for smoother practice sessions.
  • Lubricant sprays to make wearing and removing wetsuits easier, and also to prevent skin chafing. Do a patch test to see if it suits your skin type before you buy.
  • Bike. Buy a good quality bike with durable tires and ride it before buying. You need to be comfortable with its features. Ask experienced athletes and check out reviews before zeroing in on the bike.
  • Added Cycling shorts and jersey if you’re not using a Tri-suit.
  • Aero Helmet for protection and speed.
  • Cycling Shoes with Velcro straps are easy to wear and adjust.
  • Socks.
  • Sunglasses are a must to avoid sun glare and for better visibility.
  • Cycling gloves. Easy and comfortable to wear.
  • Tools kit bag. You need necessary tools to repair your bike. In case anything goes wrong with your bike while riding.
  • Multi-sports watch, better if it’s water resistant.
  • A Hydration system for your bike to hold your bottle. Don’t opt for the fancy one but for the one that doesn’t add extra baggage to your bike.
  • A bike computer, may sound as an extravagance but is very helpful in tracking down every single data of your ride.
  • Running Shoes with quick laces. A basic pair of well-worn running shoes will do for your first try.
  • Running hat (depending on the weather and you’re comfort.)
  • A Hydration belt to hold your drinks while run training.
  • A Race belt to hold your race number (if you’re taking part in a race.)
  • Nutrition (Mainly carbohydrates and electrolytes to keep yourself fuelled on the go.)


  • Sun cream
  • A Headlamp (for newbies running and cycling at nights.)
  • A Transition backpack to carry all your gear.
  • Triathlon apps for cycling and running routes, swimming pool locations, and training analysis.

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