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Simplify Your Life Checklist

This simplify your life checklist is aimed at the ladies. Certainly the daily rhythm of your life is vibrant enough: you try to divide your time between obligations at home, work, friends and family.  And if you have little time to yourself  you can consider it lucky . Unlikely to succeed that you whenever you want, but … In this style , you risk wears you out and you will not be able to give the return that is expected of you. Here are some tips with which you can get your ” vent ” little life and not feel overwhelmed by responsibilities.

  • Write down everything you do in an electronic agenda. Why an electronic agenda? Because when we have more than one agenda and it’s in paper format, we note down something we have to do on Saturday, but will misplace it tomorrow. So, make it easier on yourself, use an electronic agenda.
  • From time to time, change your hairstyle. Usually, it is said that when a woman wants to change their life, they start by changing their hairstyle. But there is no need for a radical decision to drive your visit to the hairdresser to choose another shade of paint or another haircut style. Even with a tiny change, you will feel more confident in yourself and this will have beneficial consequences for all who interact with you.
  • Do not pretend you can do everything yourself. Yes, we know: no one can handle all the projects and work assignments better than yourself. But this is exactly the kind of attitude that in most cases will make you nervous and exhausted. At the end of the day, you get the feeling that you’re not good for anything, and rightly so you’ve run out of energy. Delegating to others to carry out certain duties is not a sign of weakness, as perhaps you’d think. Instead the ultimate proof of your maturity. No one can do it all!
  • Exercise. Staying fit will help you focus better and easier. Physical activity stimulates the secretion of endorphins and serotonin, the so-called “happy hormones”. Perhaps, in the first few weeks, you will not fully aware of this, it may happen so especially because many of us expect immediate results and we tend to get quickly discouraged, but your life will surely change in that you will be able to tell when you look in the mirror and see your reflection of a smiling and relaxed woman.
  • Organize yourself in the home. Avoid situations like getting home from work and then immediately having to go out to the supermarket because you’ve noticed that you have to buy groceries. Make it even easier on yourself by making a grocery list!
  • Look after the contents of your handbag. If your open handbag falls off the chair how many items will spill out of it? Get rid of those old receipts, four kinds of lipstick, and so on. Make sure that you can quickly find what you need in your purse and that it’s not an embarrassment when its contents are laid out for everyone else to see. Best time to purge is which you switch handbags.
  • Regularly go to the doctor for checkups. You don’t need to be sick first in order to see a doctor. Some physical disorders are quite misleading … you feel good for a while and by when the first symptoms appear it’s in an advanced stage. Still need convincing?  Expect more torturous sessions to the dentist if you don’t go for regular checkups.
  • Get rid of clutter. Even if you find it hard to believe, cutter is a source of stress. Sort through the clutter on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, seasonally, annually!) and answer the question honesty; do I need this in my life? Throw or give away what you don’t need to charity. You’ll find that its a great way of lifting off weight from your shoulders and gets you more space, literally!
  • The word “perfect” from your vocabulary must not exist. Seriously, you do know that perfection doesn’t exist right? Then why you always push the limits? No one can ever be absolutely perfect. So, without compromising your values, fulfil your obligations without being permanently stressed that it wasn’t done “by the perfectionist’s book”.
  • If you are in a hurry, dress in black. This advice is sound regardless of the situation and the event that you need to at; be that an important meeting, a party, a sentimental meeting. Black is an excellent response. It is elegant, timeless, creates the impression of a smoother silhouette, makes you look taller and fits with anything … anytime!

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