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Valentine’s Day Checklist

Try out these ideas for Valentine’s Day and create a magical atmosphere which you’ll always remember with pleasure. Forget all the disagreements that you have with your lover and spend a wonderful day together, the first of which many will follow.

  1. Romantic bedroom for Valentine’s Day. Although in the first instance it may seem hard to decorate your bedroom for Valentine’s Day, you have to know that it is quite simple. First, there is no need to have an entire arsenal of specific decorations, because … less is more. For a bedroom with romantic aspect you should not miss pastel shades, flower petals and some vintage decorations. Do you want your bedroom to arouse the passion? Then forget pink! Use red color for bedding or any other piece of bedroom.
  2. Table decoration for Valentine’s Day. Usually red is the color that best represents love and passion, so specialists have included it in many settings. Inspire yourself for these idea for Valentine’s Day and give your lover a special table full of tasty surprises. According to his passions, uses a theme or suggestive messages to impress.
  3. A dream bathroom for Valentine’s Day. Besides the bedroom, the bathroom is one of the most relaxing and the most romantic places in the house, especially if you implement some ideas for Valentine’s Day decor. Special ingredients are: candles, a bottle of wine or other beverage of choice, flowers, essential oils and passion. To have everything at hand, put a table or a chair near the tub. If you don’t have candles handy for this day, you can use the ones you already have at home. All you have to do is to draw hearts on colored paper, cut out them carefully and paste them on candles. Another welcome solution is to wrap them in gift wrapping paper, to bind them with a cord and paste each one with a little heart.
  4. Little reminders of your love. Forget about pets or plush hearts, because your boyfriend will not be impressed by them and it may even offend his pride! Instead, it will certainly have a pleasant surprise if you write a few reasons why you love him. Take a sheet and cut many hearts, squares, circles and write on each one a reason why your boyfriend makes your days more beautiful: is attentive to you, let’s you change the TV programs, know what you like, cook’s well, tells you good jokes etc.
  5. Make him a video with you two. Search your computer for most beautiful pictures of you two, choose a love song that you know he loves and make them a video and then upload them to YouTube. Of course, no need to make the video public, if you do not want your love story to be known.
  6. Recreate your first date. You can recreate your first date or any other date that was important for you two and start remember the discussions you had at that time and how things changed till now.
  7. Balloon ride. For lovers of thrills , the best gift is a balloon ride over the city. Being cold outside , the best would be to check the weather before , so you catch a sunny day. Then, when you are up high , you can clink your glasses of champagne together.
  8. A day at the spa together. Who doesn’t like to splurge ? Be pampered all day in the sauna, massage and all the other services that you want.
  9. Destination: anywhere. Get up to the car and go for a walk, don’t choose a destination, just enjoy the journey. If you happen to get somewhere in the mountain, stop to eat something in a restaurant, if you happen to go to the sea … take a romantic walk on the beach.
  10. Smile please! Choose a professional photographer and go together to a photo shoot. What will be the pictorial theme? “A day of our lives” of course! By spending pleasant moments together, you will rediscover each other and you will have those priceless memories to add to your family album.

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