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The Mother’s Day Essentials Checklist

It’s that special time of year again – Mother’s Day. A great time to take a break from thinking about your own precious needs and instead pay some tribute to the whole reason you’re on this earth. It’s easy to forget the little things when Mother’s Day rolls around. There’s no need to go overboard with gifts or chocolates (but then again why not). In my experience, moms just want to know that you care and love them. Pick up the phone, send them a card or go the extra mile and hop online and order flowers for her. Maybe even pick out something out-of-the-ordinary like the bouquets offered by Chicago flower delivery company Flowers For Dreams. Whether you live near or far from your mom, make sure you hit some of the essentials on this checklist. Remember that the smallest gestures go a long way. Your mom will thank you and she’ll love you for it.

If you live near your mom:

  • Bring her flowers
  • Make sure she doesn’t lift a finger all day
  • Take her out to brunch or make her breakfast in bed
  • Ask her what *she* wants to do
  • Do the dishes (or something else nice you wouldn’t normally do)
  • Get her a gift (or better yet, make her one – it’s cheaper and more thoughtful)
  • Tell her you love her
  • Remind your siblings that it’s Mother’s Day
  • Remind your dad that it’s Mother’s Day (hopefully you don’t have to)

If you don’t live near your mom:

  • Call your mom
  • Call your grandma (she’s a mom too you know)
  • Send her flowers
  • Send her a card (or an e-card if you just found it’s Mother’s Day)
  • Write on her Facebook wall (she probably checks it more than you these days)

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