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Ten Ways for Parents to Embarrass Kids Checklist

How many of us want to get even with kids when they have taken one liberty too many. Try Embarrassment. It’s part of their experiences growing up. Here are ten ways to embarrass your kids.

  • Encourage PDA. That stands for public displays of affection. Lots of it. Hug your kids in front of their friends, especially their cool friends. For bonus points hug them and their friends on first sight!
  • Questions in public. While having their friends over at home, ask your child if they have cleaned up their room. Or tell a joke that’s guaranteed to end up in eye rolls.
  • Singing is good for the soul. Sing loudly and out of tune (on purpose) for the benefit of their ears.
  • Dance. Don’t forget to add some dancing moves when some random music comes on when you’re at home, in the kitchen, or hear some music blasting from the shopping mall speakers.
  • I remember when… Recount the most embarrassing story that you can think of when they were a small child.
  • Social media. Make sure you’re friends with them on social media and comment on their photos, ‘the photo would have been nicer if you brushed your hair’.
  • The school drop off. Insist on dropping off your son or daughter right in front of their school entrance in a battered old, rusty car with a loud exhaust. Don’t forget to give them a hug and a kiss!
  • The walking to school drop off. If you want your son or daughter to school then the alternative would be to hold their hand all the way while asking in a loud voice if they brushed their teeth this morning or not.
  • Meal times, in public. While having dinner in a restaurant or over at friends, pull out a bib and insist they wear it as they are a message eater.
  • Clothing. No the wearing too little but more of the inappropriate, wrong size, wrong fashion type here. Perhaps Pyjamas aren’t quite the rage at the school gates…

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