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Step-by-step and ‘how to’ checklists to install, configure or fix your latest gadget!

Herramientas para impresión 3d

Estos son los pasos que te recomendamos para facilitar tus impresiones 3d. Revisar tu conexión eléctrica Revisar la conexión CPU-i3d (impresora 3d) USB – WiFi Revisar los ejes de la impresora (Home Axes – Jogg Mode) Calibra tu impresora Revisa que el filamento salga correctamente Carga el archivo en la i3d Ajusta los settings Previsualiza la impresión Manda a imprimir Revisa …

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Create a Website using WordPress Checklist

When websites first made appearance they took weeks and weeks from conception to live, these days you can have a website up and running within hours (subject to the Internet picking up the changes). This Create a Website using WordPress checklist is for UK businesses as there are a couple of laws that need to be compiled with and assumes …

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