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This is the social media checklist I use every morning to keep my social media accounts active and growing. This is from a much longer and detailed (10 pages) article I posted on my site, When I first started using social media, I couldn’t find a recommended daily task list, experts just kept saying “be engaging, be engaging, be engaging” without much practical advice.

So I came up with my own list that I use every day. I can usually get through this daily social media checklist in about 15 to 20 minutes. It’s a flexible plan, if I have time I’ll spend 30 minutes and do a little extra.

  • Respond to any new comments on your website, LinkenIn posts, Facebook and Google+ Pages, Twitter retweets and mentions. Thank everyone and Like, +1, the original comment, and retweet Twitter mentions and retweets with a ‘thank you. ‘
  • Respond to all open friend requests, connection invitations, follow back new followers and circle everyone who has circled you since the previous day.
  • Sign in to Twiends and then sign out for each of your Twitter accounts. You’ll get 10 bonus seeds and if you have auto-follow turned on, that could mean 10 to 20 followers for each of your accounts every day you do this task.
  • Make at least one new post, or one new comment, in at least one LinkedIn and one Facebook Group:
      • Tweet your posts using the built-in Tweet button (LinkedIn).
      • Like and +1 the entire discussion for more exposure (LinkedIn).
      • Like other people’s comments and post a response.
  • In Facebook, switch to using Facebook as your Page. Like at least one comment on 20 to 30 Pages in your niche. (This sounds like a lot but it will only take a couple minutes.)
  • Make at least one new post each on your Google+ personal stream and your Google+ Page (the latter can be automated with RSS and Hootsuite).
  • Switch to using Google+ as your Page, then circle 20 to 30 (or any number you’re comfortable with). Find people in your niche to circle who have a strong following.
  • Make an indirect update (e.g., a funny or inspirational picture) to your Facebook and Google+ Page.

If you have time remaining…

  • Using Facebook as a Page, leave a few new comments or respond to someone else’s comment on other Pages.
  • Circle new people on Google+ using your personal page.
  • Answer one question in LinkedIn Answers.

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