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Applying for a Job Checklist

Applying for a job the right way isn’t easy as it requires a lot of thought, time and hard work. Once you have done the groundwork and have the basics in place, you should be able to apply for a job easily and keep track of all your applications by being organised. Sometimes it’s a numbers game and sometimes it’s all about who you know not what you know so it definitely helps to network and connect with people. Remember, it’s not personal, its business. Good luck with your job hunt!

Getting ready to job hunt

  • Make sure that your master CV/resume is up-to-date (read CV Checklist)
  • If you are applying for different types of jobs, create a bespoke CV for each
  • Write a master covering letter with various options for paragraphs
  • Make sure that the digital you is what you want reflected:
    • Is your Linkedin profile up-to-date?
    • Make sure that your Facebook profile has nothing negative associated with it
    • Make sure that your Twitter account is all above board
    • Do an Internet search on your name and see what pops up
  • Have at least two references ready:
    • Make sure that the person agreed to be a reference
    • Make sure that you have their contact details to hand
  • Have all your educational certificates neatly in a folder in protective sleeves and where possible scan them too. Just in case these are asked for

Applying for a job role – electronically

  • Add your CV to a few job boards and recruitment agencies as it takes a while for your CV to be processed into their database
  • Read the job description carefully as it was a checklist (!)
  • Always write a tailored covering letter  (read Job Cover Letter Checklist)
  • If the option is available, choose to upload your CV in PDF format as it keeps the formatting style
  • If only one file is allowed to be uploaded, merge your covering letter and CV into the same file to upload

Applying for a job role – in person / on paper

  • Make sure that you have printed copies of your latest CV with you
  • Take copies of your education certificates
  • Take written references with you if available
  • Always take your own black ballpoint pen
  • When you are given a job application form to fill in:
    • Read the instructions first, twice.
    • Always write in black pen
    • Write clearly – take your time
    • Do not lie on the form
    • Double-check that you have filled in all the boxes

Be organized

  • Keep a list of jobs that you applied for:
    • Date first applied
    • Job reference
    • Job title
    • Link to job description or keep a paper copy of the job description
    • Did you apply directly on the company’s website or through a recruitment agency?
    • Salary and benefits
    • Job location
    • Contact person details
    • Special wants eg. second language
    • Notes on when you last checked on your progress
  • Make a note of all the websites that you registered on:
    • website address
    • username
    • password

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