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Dog friendly car travel vacation checklist

More and more places are realizing the necessity of accommodating travelers and their pets. Use this dog friendly car travel vacation checklist to make sure you, your dog and those at your destination have the best time by being prepared and ready for everything.Make sure your dogs vaccinations are up to date and carry verification of such. Should your dog become involved in an incident with a human or other dog, this information could spare your dog time in quarantine.

  • Check for veterinarian doctors close to your destination and decide ahead of time your choice of doctors, animal clinics, etc.
  • If your dog is nervous or prone to a nervous stomach talk with your vet and get some preventative medicine.
  • Take all of your dogs regular medicines
  • Bathe your dog thoroughly before you venture out on your trip.
  • Find dog friendly places along your travel route. Sites such as “Bring Fido” have recommendations but always check to make sure the information is up to date.
  • Take the food to which your dog is accustomed.
  • Water is a must during the trip . . . always make it available on stops.
  • If possible, make them a part of loading the car, especially when loading their things.
  • Always take a doggie doo and or kennel to confine your pets. Strange places can cause dogs to react differently than normal.
  • Take pee pads and use them.
  • Make sure you have a collar and good leash. Don’t expect your dog to walk around without one.
  • Take extra keys if you have to stop in extreme weather so you can lock the doors leaving the car air system running for short periods only.
  • Once your destination is reached, acclimate your dog before unloading or have one of your party sit with your dog comforting as the transition is made.
  • Leave your dog in the bathroom or kennel if in a motel or hotel. If staying in a private home, consult your hostess.
  • Leave music or the TV playing to mask strange sounds.
  • Be cautious in letting your dog interact with strangers be they canine or human . . . “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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  1. It’s such a good thing that more and more owners don’t want to leave their pets behind, but to make them a part of the holiday! I think this is a must read for any of them!

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