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The Perfect Kid’s Birthday Party Checklist

Kid birthday parties are the best! What’s better than smiling, laughing, and playing children having the time of their lives whilst celebrating the birth of your beautiful child? Planning and executing this important day in your child’s life can be a little stressful. You can take the worry and fuss out of the equation by following our ‘The Perfect Kid’s Birthday Party Checklist’ below. There’s no reason why both the children AND the parents can’t have a super fun day together.


  • Remember it’s a birthday party not a wedding, so be picky about who you invite. You don’t have to invite every single kid in your child’s class. But, don’t leave out just one or two kids because then it will be obvious. Be selective and consider the theme of the party. If your daughter wants to have a fairy princess party then only invite girls.
  • Parents tend to get their britches in a bunch when they see the words “No Siblings” on an invitation. What if they can’t get a sitter for the sibling? Be sure to prepare enough extras in case you get a few unexpected guests.
  • Pick an age appropriate theme and be sure to include any relevant information on the invitation. If you’re taking the kids bowling, be sure to state that every child should bring a pair of socks to wear. If it’s a pool party, instruct the guests to bring a bathing suit and sun block.
  • It’s a big no-no to make gift requests on the invitation. It’s a bad look, and can be upsetting to your guests who may not be able to afford what you’re asking for. If you must do a gift registry, be sure to include some lower priced items for those who are budget conscious.

Preparation is key!

  • Think of a fun souvenir for the children to bring home with them that fits the theme of your event. Some people like to put together goodie bags while others prefer engaging the children in a craft that matches the theme. Pinterest is a great place to find fun crafts for kids. There’s no right or wrong answer here. Consider asking your child what they want to do. It’s their party after all!
  • Every birthday boy or girl needs a birthday cake. Be sure it’s big enough to feed everyone. These days, many children have food allergies. It’s polite to have a gluten free option on the side just in case.
  • Create an adult zone for the parents to congregate and get to know each other. Be sure to include some snacks to appeal to their pallets. You can’t go wrong with a cheese plate and crudités.
  • Book some entertainment for the party. Don’t expect the parents to entertain the kids. Hire a magician or a clown to do the entertaining. It’s a good idea to help keep the parents at ease and entertained, too. Load your iPod up with tunes that will appeal to the them, and make a play list to be played in the adult zone.

Enjoy the festivities

  • Enlist family members to clean up cake plates. Don’t put the parents to work. If a parent insists on getting involved, then let them. Otherwise, let them chill out. They deserve it.
  • Stay cool, calm and collected. Something is bound to happen. A drink will spill. A spat may happen. A temper tantrum could ensue. Instead of freaking out, pull it together. Fix it the best you can. Only involve the parent if it’s a really big deal.
  • Keep the party rolling and don’t open the gifts. That lull in the party is when kids start to get antsy. It’s boring to watch someone else get presents. Not to mention, it can be embarrassing if one friend gives a better gift than the other. Stash the gifts in a closet or side room.
  • Be sure to say farewell to each and every guest as they exit the party. They took time out of their busy lives to celebrate your child’s special day. You owe them a thank you. Go the extra mile, and send out thank you notes a few days after the party. Be sure to make a note of which friend gave what gift so that you can personalize the cards.

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