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Email Marketing Checklist – use this to increase sales!

Anyone in email marketing knows that it takes a potential buyer 6 – 12 communications before they’ll buy from you. That means that the more you communicate, the more likely you’ll get a sale (unless, of course your communications are annoying).

That being said, one of the best tools you can use to communicate with your target audience is an email marketing list server. It will help you communicate in a very automated way after you set it up.  I’ve used every email marketing list provider over the past 10 years and I always go back to Aweber.com! The key to communicating with your target audience is to get them to give you their contact details. To do this, you’ll need to give them something for free that has a high perceived value. Once you get their details, you then need to communicate.

Here is the email marketing checklist

  • Map out your customer journey (before they buy from you) and decide what their largest problem is. (ex. To lose weight)
  • Create something educational and free that solves their problem while highlighting the need for your service  – a guide, video, presentation, podcast or all of them (ex. A 10 page guide on losing weight tips with one of those tips being your product/service)
  • Put the freebie on your website on a hidden page
  • Sign up to a list server service – it’s a database for emailing.
  • Create a web form – this will enable you to put a form on your website that collects the contact details of a potential buyer in return for giving the freebie away
  • Get the code for the web form and put it on a prominent area of your website (top side margin on every page is best). If you have a WordPress site, you can download the Aweber plugin to make this task very easy. Otherwise, Aweber will give you a bit of script that you can paste into your website.
  • Set up the web form to redirect the user to the freebie download page once details are provided. This is done in Aweber.
  • Also set up an automatic email (in Aweber) thanking the user for requesting the freebie.
  • Then set up your automatic email series. Once a user signs up, they’ll then get put on the database list and every X days (you decide) an email will be fired off to them. You can write weeks or months’ worth of email follow-ups, upload them to the list server and just let them fire off when new people join.
  • Then set up your newsletter. The most automated way is to get your websites RSS feed URL and enter that into your list servers RSS Feed newsletter option. Every time you post a new article, it will queue in the list server and you can set the newsletter to be sent after 1, 2 or whatever amount of new articles.

For more information on the email marketing system I recommend the most, go to: Aweber.com

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