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Wedding Nails Checklist

Your wedding day is nearly here, and you’ve gone for your makeup and hair trial, but wait, what about your wedding nails? Not only your face and hair gets the attention, but your hands do too, especially on your big day and that beautiful wedding ring on your finger. Yep, everyone will want to have a closer look, and that’s when your nails and hands need to be at its best appearance hence this Wedding Nails Checklist.

So, where do you start, if you ask? Well, Pinterest is the place when it comes to getting ideas, and colours. I recommend to make a mood board and look for a colour palette that matches your theme, wedding dress, shoes or makeup. Also, take some consideration on whether you want something simple and plain or glamour and sparkle by adding some Swarovski crystals. I think what’s important is choosing a colour that will go well with your skin tone. Also,  when looking at the nails you like, pay attention to the shape and size and make sure it’s something you comfortable wearing, some people would go for long and then they can’t cope with having them on. I would think its best if you always aim for something that you will manage on your day to day tasks,

After you been to a nail technician to get your nails done, here is a checklist for all you brides that need a bit of guideline to maintain your perfect manicure or nail enhancements for your wedding day which you can do right at the comfort of your home.

  • Clean Your Nails. Grab a piece of cotton pad and wrap around a wooden stick, clean underneath your nails with the cotton, making sure you remove any unwanted dirt.
  • File and Shape your nails. If you chip a nail, grab a file and shape them back into shape
  • Nip hangnails. Nip off any skin that’s hanging around your nail, do not bite them off, it will leave you in pain and a red swollen for a couple of days.
  • Wear Gloves. When you are doing any house work,  make sure you wear gloves, avoid getting chemical products on your skin.
  • Apply cuticle oil and moisturiser. Apply cuticle oil and moisturiser to have that salon finish look.
  • Touch up. Apply cuticle oil twice a day and apply top coat every other day to keep the shine.

I hope this Wedding Nails Checklist will prepare you for your big day.

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