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27 Days to No Broke Monts

How to Believe in Yourself

“Real Estate Evolution – The Ten Step Guide to Consistent and Predictable Income” will help you believe in yourself.

2 Lifelines per month

The Death of Potential – Why 87% of Real Estate Agents Quit – 17 Classes

CPI Coaching Corner – Ask Dan Any Question Weekly

I Do – We Do – You Do Model (Over the Shoulder Training)

Dan will make calls for you – We will prep you (gauntlet style) and get you bulletproof.

We make calls together.

You will make calls – Dan will do an after-action on how you did and what to change.


How to Stop Being Afraid of Judgement

Dan will complete live prospecting calls in a group setting so you may see real-life scenarios. Review your sales calls to coach you on all you did well.

Dan will walk you through every step of the process – You will leverage his experience.


How to Never Fear Rejection

Gain Rapid Transformation through Psychology and Science

“Go for No” Challenge.

Eliminate the Unknown

How to Never Lose Respect from Your Family, Friends, and Others

We will run the Gauntlet of Rejection – You will learn how never to let rejection stop you again


How to Stop Being Stressed in Sales

Stress-Free journal – An excellent, leather-bound journal

Group message support – Facebook Messenger


How to Follow a Step-by-Step Process to Real Estate Sales

CPI Certification – Success Accelerator Portal


How to Make Real Estate Sales

A work plan and strategies to follow weekly (Planner)

CPI Baby Steps Power Up every Morning for One Year – (Monday-Friday)

CPI 1-on-1 Coaching Calls 4 Times a Year

CPI Industry Leader Mastermind every Friday – 48 weeks per year

Access to Consistent and Predictable Income (CPI) Agents (Private) Group

Quarterly Action Review Call


How to Find Buyers and Sellers Ready to Hire You Now

Discover Your Way – One-on-one Deep-dive call with Dan Rochon

We will set your landing pages and advertisements to generate sellers to contact you.

We will set you up in 33 Pay-When-You-Close lead generation portals so that the leads flow to you.

Monitor when your people apply for a loan – We will set you up to monitor your database and let you know when they apply for a loan. (Except New York)

Help you identify your avatar.


How to Know What to Say in Real Estate Sales

The Proven High-Converting Real Estate Agent Scripts

Role-Play Fridays with Dan Rochon (48 weeks per year)


How to Have Enough Leads

Real Estate Marketing Done-with-you (via 10 hours of service by CPI Virtual Assistants)

Your landing pages are ready to go to generate leads today.

SMS marketing is built and designed to work for you. (Via the CPI CRM)

Email marketing is already built out and ready to go.

Numerous lead-generation strategies to deploy now.

We will set up your Rent to Own portal for buyers with less-than-perfect credit. (Depending on your state)


How to Lead Generate Consistently

A daily group lead generation (Via an online lead generation room hosted virtually)

Group message support to keep your lead generation going.


How to Want to Generate Leads

Time blocking calendar

We will set up your chatbot

Ready to Use Marketing Materials.


How to Find Listings

Seventeen resources to find listings today.

Dan Rochon will coach you to take FSBOs without cold-calling.


How to Keep a Full Pipeline with the CPI CRM

Get clients to contact you with the following:

Start Your Home Search Funnel.

What’s Your Home Worth? Funnel.

Lead Manager.

It has done for you emails and texts that will convert clients to hire you now.

Buyer and Seller Lead Email Drip and Text Templates by Dan Rochon.

Connect with your leads on all devices using the feature-packed mobile app.

Capture essential information of motivated sellers and buyers and close more sales, all with the power of mobile

Laborsaving workflows (including tasks, texts, and emails) will activate when you get a new lead and continue from contacting the Client to closing.

Automatic Workflows

Speed to Process. Your quickness to the next step will always conquer the immense know-how of another agent, and the CPI CRM for Real Estate Agents will allow you to be the first agent to contact the lead.

Mass Email/ text that we can automate.

Weekly Live Training


How to Have Enough Inbound Marketing Strategies

Set up your

Facebook page



Other social media

Set up Quora landing page

Set up a Reddit landing page

Converting Facebook Ads Setup

Get your lead generation campaign on autopilot as a dedicated CPI expert will set up your Facebook Ads campaign for you

Social media calendar, and posting schedule


How to Make Offers That Get Accepted

Show Less, Sell More! ❤️ Why it is EASIER To Succeed with Buyers Than You Might Think


How to Know What to Do After You Get Hired

Dan Rochon will guide you to write an offer that will get accepted.


How to Not Lose Deals After They Go Under Contract/ Escrow

The 80/20 Buyer Consultation will protect you


How to Keep Things Together with Your Transactions

Transaction Coordination Process

Provide a step-by-step guide to CPI Clients on Transaction Coordination


How to Get Positive Reviews

You will learn the framework to get raving reviews


How to Stop Doing Too Much Work (And Everything Yourself)

How to build a team

Train, Lead, and Develop


How to Have a Work-Life Balance

Get your CPI CRM set up and running, as your CPI VA will dedicate 10 hours of credit to customize your CRM for easier operations; maximum results.

You can also use this credit for other tasks, such as cold calling, prequalifying prospects, social media management, and more!


How to Never Be Alone in Sales

The CPI Community will welcome you to our family.

We are a diverse community and share common goals and interests.

But when you join the CPI Community, you will become a part of something greater than yourself.

You will get cool swag like…

Bad Ass CPI Agent t-shirt

Graduation trophy from the CPI Certification

Super bling for the Baddest Ass Agents per market

Celebrate Success every month.


How to Keep Your Tasks (And Life) Organized

One-Year Unlimited Access to CPI CRM


How to Run Your Business Like a Business

Business Skills Masterclass – You will become more effective at operating your business like a business.


Bonus 1:

Inventory of your traits

360-degree self-awareness analysis

Skill-building exercise

11 Ways to Believe in Yourself


Bonus 2:

Remove the 11 Limiting Beliefs That Prevent Salespeople to Thrive – How to Create the Life You Deserve

11 Bad Rituals That Make Salespeople Seem Pushy (And How to Fix Them)


Bonus 3:

Ten tips to improve your work-life balance

All admin tasks documented

Time management tool


Super Bonus: How to Get Hired 85% of The Time on Your Listing Appointments

Co-author and licensing rights to “The Path to Sell Your (Local) Property for Top Dollar.”

Each step’s instruction is put together for the 12-Step pre-listing process.

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