Sending a sécurité VHF broadcast

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Sending a Sécurité VHF broadcast message from a VHF DSC Radio

This checklist can be used with any vessel fitted with Digital Selective Calling (DSC) and is for sending a safety message. Sécurité is a French word and is pronounced ‘say-cure-ee-tay.’ This type of message is used to transmit important meteorological or navigational warnings. The coast guard often sends these messages but in the absence of the coast guard being within radio reach anyone can send a Sécurité.

Before making a Sécurité familiarize yourself with these details:

Vessel name ________________________

Warning ____________________________

Using the VHF Radio for sending a Sécurité VHF broadcast

  • Make sure the radio is on (Check main battery switch and VHF power)
  • Ensure that the channel is on 16
  • Select ‘Safety Call’ from your radio and hit enter
  • Confirm that you do want to send a safety call
  • IMPORTANT: Speak as slow as possible. Vessels in your area will be writing your broadcast down on paper.

Sending a Sécurité VHF Broadcast

  • Sécurité, Sécurité, Sécurité
  • All Stations, All Stations, All Stations
  • This is ______________________ (say your vessel name three times)
  • For urgent navigational warning listen to Channel 67
  • Out

Turn to channel 67 and say the following:

  • Sécurité, Sécurité, Sécurité
  • All Stations, All Stations, All Stations
  • This is ______________________ (say your vessel name three times)
  • (Announce the navigational or meteorological warning)
  • Out

Sending a Sécurité VHF broadcast Example

Sécurité, Sécurité, Sécurité.

All Stations, All Stations, All Stations.

This is Selene, Selene, Selene.

Large drifting refrigerator in position five one degrees four zero minutes Notth, one degree one zero minutes East. Considered to be a danger to surface navigation.

Time of origin one two three zero UTC.


So that’s the procedure for sending a Sécurité VHF broadcast!

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