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Homeschooling: Learning while Travelling to Foreign Countries

If you have the opportunity to take your child or children to a foreign country, there’s obviously a massive learning opportunity. I created this ‘Homeschooling: Learning while Travelling to Foreign Countries’ Checklist for my daughter, however I think that the rest of the family will benefit just as much! We’ve sold our possessions, purchased a 56′ yacht and will be traveling around the world for the next several years, so homeschooling will be a very large part of our lives. My daughter, Sienna, is 4 in May 2014 however I think this checklist can be used for any age.

Similar to a treasure hunt, this ‘Homeschooling: Learning while Travelling to Foreign Countries’ checklist has a list of items that need to be discovered. Discovery can happen by taking pictures, recording videos, collecting ticket stubs, postcards, flower pressings, and anything else that will help to build up a full picture of a particular country. Carry this list around, in addition to a notepad and pen, a camera/video recorder and perhaps a bag for collectables!

Homeschooling: Learning while Travelling to Foreign Countries

  • Map of world with country highlighted
  • Map of country
  • Capital
  • Major cities
  • Population
  • Flag
  • Language
  • How to say, ‘Hello,’ ‘Goodbye,’ ‘Please,’ and ‘Thank you’
  • Type of government
  • Leader
  • Currency
  • Major exports
  • Traditions
  • Religions
  • Historical events
  • Famous people (Artists, authors, inventors, scientists, musicians, etc)
  • Contributions to humanity
  • People’s values – what do people of the country value most?
  • New foods and drinks
  • Local dishes/recipes
  • Music
  • Animals
  • Bugs
  • Flowers
  • Geology/Land/Terrain (Mountains? Valleys? Desert?)
  • Views we like! (take pictures)
  • Similarities to our culture
  • Differences to our culture
  • What we like about the country
  • What we don’t like about the country
  • How we left the country better than we found it
  • List of all the places visited
  • Memory log (jot down good memories and fun times)
  • New friends (pictures of new friends)
  • Restaurants/services we like!
  • What we think of the marina/moorings

To join us on our journey around the world, please visit: SailingBritican.com and if you can thing of any other items that I can add to the list, please let me know! Write your comments below – I have no idea what I’m doing with homeschooling, so I need all the help I can get!

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