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Everything home related including getting your insurance renewed, moving home, and redecorating.

Property review checklist

If you’re planning to buy or rent a new place and get the opportunity to do a in-person check, make sure you run through this property review checklist or get the sales agent to do it for you if you’re on the other end of the video call for a remote viewing!  Are the communal grounds and area well kept? …

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Autumn Cleaning Chore Checklist

The days are getting shorter, leaves are changing color, and the familiar crisp, cold air can only mean one thing, fall is here. My summers are always filled with fun activities and vacations that leave the house disorganized and a little neglected. Somehow summer always finds a way for me to make excuses to put off the tedious job of …

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Your 15 Minute Clean Routine Checklist

Let’s face it: We’ve all got busy lives, and we don’t often have the time to make sure that our homes are sparkling clean. Or do we? There are a few strategies you can use to help keep your living space tidy, and many of them only take a few minutes at a time. Here are some tactics to cut …

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The Ultimate Student Moving Checklist

Ultimate Student Moving Checklist

Relocating into a new apartment building at school can be a very hectic time. It’s a big change that can be mind-boggling. Combine that with getting off to a good academic start and making new friends, and you’re pretty much setting yourself up for a nervous breakdown! So, how do you get ready for the move? Pretty simple, use this Ultimate …

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Cleaning Visit Completion Checklist

cleaning visit completion checklist

For those that have a cleaner come and help keep your place clean and tidy here’s a generic Cleaning Visit Completion Checklist that will ensure that their quality of work remains consistent. Especially useful as a reference list if the cleaning staff changes from time to time due to holiday cover or staff turnover. Use our other cleaning checklists to make sure that the …

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