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Apple MacBook Purchase Checklist

Whether you are buying your first ever a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro or getting an upgrade (because you deserve it or a new model has been released), here’s the Apple MacBook Purchase Checklist that I put together for a friend of mine who I finally managed to convince to join the Apple fan base and go on a worthwhile spending spree at the Apple Store! I might even go and use it myself in the near future… 😉

Let’s get on with your Apple MacBook purchase!

  • Macbook Pro or MacBook Air
  • Protective / fun case
  • A nice leather carry case
  • Apple USB ethernet adapter (for MacBook Air users)

For your home setup

  • Spare power adapter (get the right voltage one)
  • Mini DVI to VGA adapter (to hook up to an external monitor)
  • Apple wireless keyboard
  • Apple magic mouse
  • Apple battery charger
  • A set of rechargeable batteries

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