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Baby Shower Party Checklist

It’s time to celebrate the new arrival with a baby shower party! Are you hosting or helping out getting one organized? Here’s exactly what you need; use this Baby Shower Party Checklist to make sure that you’re all prepared and even have time to enjoy the baby shower party too!

The Essentials

  • Select a party theme.
  • Complete your guest list. Make sure to consult with the parents-to-be.
  • Register for baby gifts at a department store or baby equipment supplier.
  • Establish your shower budget and find co-hosts to split the expenses.
  • Set your party date and time. Have the baby shower 6 weeks before the mother-to-be’s due date.
  • Find and reserve location if having the party away from your home.
  • If you are having your food catered, find and hire a caterer.

Invite Guests

  • Create and send baby shower invitations.
  • Manage RSVPs.


  • Plan your party menu and decide on the décor and music.
  • Take inventory of kitchen items and tableware for the party and acquire missing items.
  • Take inventory of party supplies and purchase needed decoration items.
  • Decide baby shower games, prizes and baby shower goodie bags. Order or purchase necessary items.
  • If you’re making your shower goodie bags, start now.
  • Order any party rental equipment.
  • Purchase non-perishable food and drinks for your party.
  • If you are hosting your party away from home or hiring a caterer, call to confirm.
  • Call non-RSVP guests.
  • Order cake or make and freeze cake (without icing).
  • Purchase perishable food except fresh meat.
  • Make sure your camera is charged, has film and is ready to capture memories.
  • Prepare a list of guests to record gifts.
  • Buy flowers.
  • Confirm with restaurant/location and caterer again.
  • Prepare food that can be refrigerated, make sauces, wash and chop vegetables.
  • Clean your house. Put out clean towels. Make sure you have enough toilet paper.
  • Plan and set out games and prizes.
  • Decorate and arrange your home for the party.
  • Refrigerate drinks, defrost frozen foods and homemade cake.

On the Baby Shower Party Day

  • Set up table and bar.
  • Prepare food.
  • Ice homemade cake.
  • Chill wine (not for the mum-to-be!) and other drinks.
  • Pick up cake, ice and balloons.
  • Get dressed but consider wearing an apron.
  • Reheat prepared food.
  • Toss salad and set out food.
  • Light candles, start music and if you have one on, take off your apron.
  • Relax, smile and have fun!Party Time!!!

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