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Create-A-Country Project Checklist

Use this checklist to make sure you have all of the required parts for your brand new country! If you can honestly and accurately check all of these boxes, you’ll meet all of our requirements 😀

My design has the following features:

  • My country has a name
  • My country does not overlap where an actual country currently exists
  • My country has 10 landforms
  • My country has 5 water features
    • At least one of the water features is fresh water (not salt water) so things can survive
  • My country has a climate(s)

The map for my country has the following features:

  • Title
  • Map key/Legend
  • Compass Rose
  • Scale

I’m submitting the thing!:

  • My final project submission has photos showing all of these things, or a video explaining all of these things

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