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Cleaning Visit Completion Checklist

For those that have a cleaner come and help keep your place clean and tidy here’s a generic Cleaning Visit Completion Checklist that will ensure that their quality of work remains consistent. Especially useful as a reference list if the cleaning staff changes from time to time due to holiday cover or staff turnover.

  • Use our other cleaning checklists to make sure that the property is sparkly clean.
  • Check that all lights are off by walking through the property.
  • Check that all doors are closed.
  • For each bathroom:
    • Check that toilet seat and cover is down.
    • Check that the toilet has enough toilet roll.
  • Make sure that rugs are put back it their original position on the floor.
  • That all bins are emptied including:
    • kitchen
    • living
    • study
    • ensuite
    • bathroom
    • Make sure that the shredder is emptied.
    • Ensure that the recycling bin has been emptied.
  • Ensure that the kitchen bin has a new liner in it.
  • Make sure that when you throw the rubbish/trash that the bag is tied closed before throwing it into the refuse bin outside the property.
  • Ensure that any curtains or blinds in rooms that face the main street are pulled down / shut.
  • Make sure that all windows and external doors are firmly shut.
  • Make sure that you have gathered up all your cleaning products and cloths.

Special Events

  • Report any issues immediately
  • Report any low in stock items

On Leaving

Just before you pull the front door shut:

  • Set the property alarm.
  • Don’t forget to lock the door!

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