Labour Hospital Bag for Pregnant Women Checklist

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Are you pregnant and struggling to pack your labour hospital bag? At we take the stress away by pre packing your labour bag for you. Here is our checklist of what you need to take with you for your 48 hour stay in hospital!

Newborn Essentials for Labour Hospital Bag

  • 2 Babygrows.
  • 2 Vests.
  • 2 Hats.
  • 2 Mitts.
  • 2 Muslins.
  • 9 Nappies.
  • 9 Nappy Bags.
  • Pampers Wipes.
  • 10 Cotton Wool Balls.
  • Disposable Changing Mat.
  • 30g Tube of Sudocrem.

New Mummy Essentials

  • 10 Vagisil Wipes.
  • 3 Pairs of Comfy Cotton Black Knickers.
  • 10 Sanitary Towels.
  • 200cc Arnica Tablets.
  • 6 Breastpads.
  • A Bag.

Refresh Yourself

  • Carex Facial Wipes.
  • Antibacterial Handgel.
  • Clear Toilet Bag.
  • Dove Shampoo.
  • Dove Conditioner.
  • Dove Bodywash.
  • Dove Deodorant.
  • Hairbrush.
  • Shower Cap.
  • Toothbrush.
  • Maclean Toothpaste.

A Few Nice Extras

  • Flipflops.
  • Slipper Socks.
  • Laundry Bag.
  • Pocket Tissues.
  • Lip salve.
  • 2 Hairbands.
  • Water Fan with 2 xAA Batteries.
  • Pocket Notepad & Pen.
  • Phone Charger.
  • Hospital Notes.
  • Towel.
  • Nightie/Pyjamas.
  • Baby name book – incase you haven’t chosen a name yet.
  • Going-home outfit.
  • Swaddle blanket.
  • Drinks and snacks.
  • Paracetamol.
  • Camera.

About myhospitalbag

Stylish pre-packed hospital bags for modern mums. As featured in Baby London Magazine & Prima Baby Magazine.

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