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Super Bowl Party Checklist

Inviting your friends around to watch THE game of every season?! Get prepared with our super bowl party checklist so you can watch the game too uninterrupted! Focus on the important things, drink, food and TV size!!

  • Plenty to drink. Beer and football go hand-in-hand. Make sure the party is stocked with beverages from beers to sodas. Also, take into account that many avid football fans get glued to the television and sometimes won’t leave the couch at any cost. Consider a cooler or icebox to place in the living room so they don’t have to make repeated trips to the fridge
  • Put it on ice. So important yet so often forgotten, make sure to grab a few bags of ice from the supermarket, particularly if you’re going to keep beverages in a cooler. Nothing can ruin a Super Bowl party faster than a lukewarm beer.
  • Grab and go. This party shouldn’t be fancy. The food should be greasy and indulgent — wings, pizza, giant submarine sandwiches. Finger foods are the key, and give your guests plenty of options, like crackers, dips and salsas, and a make-your-own-sandwich tray with cold cuts and cheeses. Embrace the bad stuff — you can cut back tomorrow.
  • Don’t stress about the mess. Accidents happen, particularly when there’s a lot of excitement. Don’t worry about the mess — just keep some towels and cleaning products handy to scrub up a spilled beverage or a squished pizza slice.
  • Don’t forget the bowls. Your chips need to be accessible to a lot of hands grabbing for them at once. Pick up some big, cheap plastic bowls.
  • Keep your sauces hot. Football is a long game. And your guests aren’t going to get tired of eating. Consider using a crock pot to keep queso and dips soft for hours, rather than letting them harden up.
  • Think green. OK OK. So, not everyone is inclined to eat poorly at a Super Bowl party. Make sure to pick up a vegetable platter, too.
  • In TV land, the bigger, the better. The TV is the centerpiece of the Super Bowl party. Your guests don’t want to squint at your tiny screen, so if your current set-up won’t cut it, use this as your excuse to upgrade.
  • Seating for all. Don’t let your guests sit on the floor. Adequate seating is key and big, comfy sofas are preferred. Drag all your furniture into the living room, if necessary.
  • Let them bet. Odds are your guests are going to be playing the odds. So, get involved in the fun and keep some cash handy. If you want to really get involved, create competitions for each quarter and give out extra prizes

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