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Candy Crush Saga 10 Tips and Tricks Checklist

At the start, Candy Crush Saga may seem simple and its totally addictive!!! and it has more than 350 levels to cross with hard-to-complete challenges. At the time of writing, the game is undoubtedly one of the most addictive puzzle games to date.

  • Create combos to get power candies and use them frequently. A single candy may not be that effective as much as a power candy is. So, wait until you can create a combo out of the candies to give you a power candy. Also, do not use a power candy right away. Using jelly fishes, rainbow sprinkles, striped candies and wrapped candies together can be more effective in clearing up the board.
  • Swapping and crushing the candies at the bottom. Swapping and moving candies at the bottom of the board and not at the top of the board, until required can help cross levels faster. When you crush the candies at the bottom, it will affect the movement of a large number of candies in the board, trickling from top to bottom. This will not happen if you focus on the candies at the top.
  • Swap the wrapped and striped candy. One of the best combinations in the board is to swap the wrapped and striped candy as a big blast can wipe out a large number of candies, clearing the board.
  • Swap two color bombs together. This combination of swapping two color bombs together can lead to an explosion that will again swipe off almost half the board.
  • Concentrate on moving vertically. Concentrating on moving vertically, especially in the level with nuts and fruits can make you cross the level faster. Vertical moves help by dropping down the ingredients faster and effectively.
  • Save the Lollipops, use them wisely. One of the most important tips and tricks is to save up your free lollipops and utilise them wisely. Even though the Candy Crush Saga game is free, these lollipops are not. These lollipop hammers are most beneficial in tougher challenges that are thrown up at you after level 30. They can really help you move ahead in the game. But, don’t waste money on purchasing these boosters as these do not ensure the completion of the level. Wait until next day for them to get renewed.
  • Play it on the computer to save lives. There will be a time when all your lives will come to an end and you’ll need to wait for your friends to accept your request. This cheat will ensure a new set of lives for you to keep playing. Once you run out of lives on your mobiles, start to play the Candy Crush Saga Facebook version. This will give you a new set of lives.
  • Strategise your own moves and don’t go for the candies that flash. If you look closely on the board, the candies that flash are not the best moves that can get you the best scores. So, look closely for the best move, concentrating at the bottom or the edges.
  • Clear the jellies on the edges and the chocolates as soon as possible. When you are stuck at a level where you have to clear jellies, concentrate on the edges. Pay attention to the corners and bottom of the board while playing Candy Crush Saga jelly challenges. Another important tip and trick is to get rid of chocolates in order to stop it from regenerating. It will block your game and absorb bombs. So, try clearing the chocolate as soon as possible.
  • How to get unlimited lives and moves to keep on playing Candy Crush Saga. Of all the 10 tips and tricks to ace Candy Crush Saga, the most important one is to get unlimited lives to keep on playing the addictive game. To do this, go to the Settings of your device. Click on General option to turn OFF “set automatically” on date and time options. Each time you run out of lives, move the date one day forward. When you open the Candy Crush Saga game, you’ll receive a new set of lives to keep on playing.

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