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The Event Planning Equipment Checklist

This Event Planning Equipment Checklist covers electronic equipment. It will help you survey what you have in-house and what you’ll need from rental companies when planning an event. Use this checklist in combination with the Event Rentals Checklist if you find you’ll need to rent most of this equipment.


  • Estimate the power needed.
  • Locate all power sources.
  • Generators (if needed).
  • Ask the Fire marshal to review the electrical plan.

Sound and Music

  • Vendor for sound system.
  • Microphones (general).
  • Podium microphones.
  • Lapel microphones.
  • Wired microphones.
  • Microphone stands.
  • CDs, Mp3 players, laptop for music.
  • Surround speakers.
  • Stage Monitor Speakers.
  • DJ rental.


  • VHS player.
  • DVD player.
  • VHS tape.
  • DVD.
  • Web video or visual URLs queued (youtube).
  • Slide projector.
  • Overhead projector.
  • Digital projector.
  • Flip chart and markers.
  • Projection screen.
  • Projection screen stand.


Make sure that you have the right equipment to run and share the presentation:

  • Computer (provided by the event).
  • PowerPoint.
  • Other presentation software necessary.
  • Sound accommodations.
  • Computer (provided by the presenter).
  • Mac adapters if necessary.
  • USB drive with files.
  • Computers that are network/internet capable.

Lighting and Décor

Figure out what kind of lighting and decor you need:

  • General house lighting.
  • Podium lighting.
  • General stage lighting.
  • Spot lights.
  • Theatrical lighting (for performances).
  • Railing lighting.
  • Rope lighting.
  • Canopy or net lighting.

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