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Business Policies Checklist

Every business needs to make sure that it has up-to-date business policies in place that everyone in the organisation is aware of and adheres to. These policies must be reviewed on a periodic basis to ensure that it remains up-to-date and compliant with legislation. Hence why it’s worth having a Business Policies Checklist! Don’t forget to re-distribute the updated policy to everyone concerned. Some of these policies may be useful when tendering for new business and contracts as they may have to be included. This is especially in the public sector in the UK for both local and central government when bidding for new contracts.

Policy Contents Checklist

When writing a business policy make sure that you cover the following topic headings for each policy.

  • Contains name of policy.
  • Purpose of policy.
  • Intended audience.
  • Date issued/published.
  • Planned review schedule.
  • Signature / Clear ownership.
  • Written in plain (English) language.
  • Explains the procedure for any violations, breachesor non-compliance.
  • Conforms to current law.
  • States references where applicable.

Policy List Checklist

  • Asset Management Policy.
  • Business Continuity Plan.
  • Carbon Policy.
  • Code of Conduct.
  • Customer Complaints Policy.
  • Disciplinary Policy.
  • Environmental Policy.
  • Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy.
  • Gifts and Hospitality Policy.
  • Grievance Policy.
  • Guidelines on Standards of Behaviour.
  • IT, Network and Security Policy.
  • Lone and Isolated Worker Policy.
  • Quality Service Manual.
  • Process for Dealing with Difficult Calls.
  • Recruitment Policy.
  • Risk Management Policy.
  • Sustainable Procurement Strategy.
  • Training Policy.
  • Whistle Blowing Policy.

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