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Hiking Essentials Checklist

I took up hiking as a new sport and being a complete novice I had no idea what the hiking essential items were and walking into a camping superstore overwhelmed me with all its options. Luckily, there was an experienced hiker in our group who had all the items we had forgotten on the day of the hike but I thought it worth writing up a checklist on the bare essential equipment needed for day hiking. This hiking essentials checklist assumes that you’ve taken up hiking while the weather is still nice and warm with rolling hills to hike/stroll/walk on and not the arctic! My personal tip as discovered after my first hike, is to make sure your toe nails are trimmed short so they doesn’t grind against the end of your hiking boot!

Hiking Essentials

  • A pair of hiking boots
  • A pair of socks (3 seasons)
  • A pair of trousers (I prefer these to shorts so I don’t get scratched up by the bushes)
  • 3 layers of clothing:
    • Base layer top (to protect against sweat)
    • fleece
    • Waterproof jacket
  • Sun glasses
  • Hat
  • Backpack (capacity should be at least 20 litres)
  • Sun screen (factor 30 at least)
  • 2x water bottles filled with water (freeze one beforehand)
  • Blister pads
    • put them on your feet before you start hiking!
    • have some spare ones just in case
  • Pack of plasters
  • Pack of tissues
  • A compass
  • The Explorer map of the area you’re going to hike in
  • A pen knife
  • Snacking food – fruit, bars
  • Some cash (to buy a drink when you come across a pub!)

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