The Master of Ceremony and Top Emcee Checklist

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Been anchoring major events and programs and people keep asking how come I am so on point? Many have questioned what is the success behind standing out as a great Master of Ceremony, and in all, one may conclude that confidence and charisma will open doors, but content and carriage will leave windows, bolts, ribs and memory open to your next appearance. Well, here is a checklist of my master plan and delivery sequence. Its applicable to everyone but its important that the basics principles are adhered to. The Art of The Master Compere is about creativity, there is no bound-limit of the idea but you must be able to strategize your poise, delivery and tuned into the art, the passion and the respect of a top Emcee. That being said, here are my rituals.

Pray about the event

  • Understand the expectations of the Emcee of the Day.
  • Understand the Dos and Don’ts.
  • Understand and pre-negotiate flow of stage performers and managers.
  • Firm up your contract.

Prepare your content

  • Clean jokes, comments and materials.
  • Research and know your audience, stage, host.
  • Ask for a Program of Event.
  • Know the other stage performers (DJ, Co-Hosts, Vendors, Emcees etc).

Prepare for the occasion

  • Develop poise and character.
  • Practice your movements, lines, diction, tones, stand, voice modulation.
  • Practice your appearance with a “stage”.
  • Dress for the occasion.

Nail the occasion

  • Be on time.
  • Speak slowly but confidently.
  • Communicate in the language of the day.
  • Follow a sequence of delivery (guided by the Program of Event).
  • Use notes to aid your memory.
  • Have back-up music or audio sounds to cushion your delivery.
  • Familiarize with other stage performers (especially the audio and video crew).

Close the Occasion

  • Build a tempo that peaks.
  • Prepare a closing.
  • Advertise the art of the Emcee.
  • Let the audience ask for more.

Network and get connected to other MCs

  • Develop yourself.
  • Train, attend workshops, join Toast Masters International.
  • Learn from other Emcees, like McNinianPaul (Smiles … )
  • Refer and encourage others, publish your ideas on CheckListables.
  • Connected via social networks, Follow and refer others.

About mcninianpaul

The Master of Ceremony that delivers that Occasion, Wedding, Conference, Business Launch, Gala Night, Dinner Ball or Fund Raising Event with the poise, class and memories that are synonymous with you….and more. Exceptional fun and artistry that tops the desires of your day!!! +2348038066467, +2348185647056

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