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Increase Your Productivity Online Checklist

Staying organized and focused is key to increasing your productivity at the office, especially when it comes to working online. It’s easy to get bogged down with growing piles of paper to type up, too many emails, and endless digital distractions. Downloading this checklist is the first step in increasing your productivity in the office and making your online work more manageable. Use this checklist and you’ll find yourself stress-free at work – and (hopefully) scoring some points with your boss! Download and print this helpful checklist – online productivity awaits!

  • Eliminate an unnecessary paper load by switching to a digital document management system, like Contentverse. With this software, you can manage all of your files digitally, access them from anywhere, share content with multiple users, and easily archive and purge.
  • Take a break from your desk – taking your laptop to a coffee shop can make you feel rejuvenated and spur creativity. Just be sure to set goals and stay on task!
  • Keep your email organized – common email clients like Gmail and Outlook have customizable settings to create folders, color code, and mark importance of your incoming messages.
  • Minimize online distractions – don’t stay logged in to Facebook, Twitter, or whichever social media sites you check daily. Instead, work quick breaks into your daily schedule -take five minutes to surf social media or read articles for fun once you complete a few tasks for the day.
  • Automate your workflow – using document management software lets you set up reminders for yourself and your team about certain tasks and important deadlines.
  • Stick to one project at a time – it’s easy to get overzealous and open a billion tabs on your browser while thinking you’re be efficient at multitasking. But really, you’re probably just overwhelming yourself. Only open what you need for each task, work on it for a designated amount of time, and then move on to the next task.
  • Use organization apps – there are many smart tools to stay organized. Most importantly, make sure to synch your online calendar with your mobile. Google Calendar allows you to do this for free, or you can purchase other apps for relatively cheap. If you take public transportation, review your tasks for the day on your commute to be prepared to get started right away.
  • Listen to tunes – sometimes popping in some earbuds and having some background noise can help you concentrate better. There’s even a neat new service called Coffitivity that exclusively pipes ambient coffee shop noise into your ears—for when you need to block out office chatter and get creative, but can’t leave the office.
  • Learn to type faster and use keyboard shortcuts – a quick Google search will uncover plenty of online tools for increasing your typing speed so you can whip out emails and notes faster. The same goes for basic to advanced keyboard shortcuts (like ctrl+x (cut) and ctrl+v (paste)) that may only seem to save you a few tenths of a second – but which will add up quickly. Google shortcuts for whatever system you use – they can vary for PCs and Macs.

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