How to Start a SEO Business

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Starting a SEO business is an awesome idea if you’re awesome at SEO. SEO is a part of the digital marketing industry, which at this point in time is practically recession proof. The new american dream is owning your own online business. Thanks to simple web development platforms like WordPress and Wix, your SEO business will have 100’s of millions of potential customers all over the world for years to come. I started a SEO business about 10 years ago. Since then I have sold millions in SEO. Now, I am sharing my secrets with you, starting with a simple checklist that will help you get the ball rolling.

Company Setup

  • File as an S Corp NOT as a LLC. This will save you lots of tax dollars.
  • Set up a bank account.
  • Create a SEO Contract.  Free SEO Contract Template PDF
  • Create a Website (see section below)
  • Set up a phone. Save money by combining the use of Google voice and Magic Jack.
  • Select monthly reporting software. Raven tools is great.
  • Signup for elance. Great for finding contractors.
  • Setup credit card processor:
    • Your bank
    • PayPal
    • Freshbooks
  • Get accounting software. Less Accounting is awesome!
  • Develop a process
  • Setup phone tracking. Ifbyphone works great!

Website and Marketing Setup

  • Buy a domain name
  • Setup your site
  • Setup hosting
  • Setup your email
  • Choose a website auditing software package such as Try MySiteAuditor
  • Make sure you have a page that offers FREE WEBSITE AUDITS (MySiteAuditor is great for that!)
  • Setup Google Analytics (so you can view your clients analytics)
  • Setup a blog (Blog SEO Tips Daily!) – This will get you business!
  • Setup Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube

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