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3D Printing Checklist

Here at Ignition we’re into everything that is 3D. And as 3D printing is one of our specialities we thought that we would share our 3D Printing Checklist with you to make sure that when you print out your 3D object, its going to be perfect.

  • Create your 3D object using 3D design software
  • Export object to triangulated mesh format (STL/PLY/OBJ/VRML/ZPR)
  • Check model in mesh inspection software (Minimagics, netfabb, Meshlab)
  • Inspect 3D data for common problems:
    • Model complexity (3D printer dependant)
    • Detail size (Check 3D printer for minimum tolerances)
    • Delete unwanted ‘floating’ objects
    • Correct inverted surface normals
    • Thicken single surfaces (Objects must be closed ‘watertight’ solids)
    • Fill holes and unconnected edges
    • Remove duplicate surfaces
    • Identify if part can be hollowed to save on unnecessary material wastage
  • Export printable file from 3D design/inspection software
  • Import 3D file to 3D printing controller software
  • Translate 3D object onto base of virtual build area
  • Rotate 3D object into most effective orientation (print time/structural integrity)
  • Connect PC to 3D printer via network/Firewire/USB cable
  • Turn ON 3D printer (Check you have correct mains adaptor)
  • Check build area is completely flat and free of dirt/debris.
  • Calibrate 3D printer platform height to extruder nozzle (FDM technology)
  • Check there is enough material for the size of object
  • Check material is extruding correctly through the extruder nozzle (FDM technology)
  • Preheat build platform (FDM technology)
  • Select a print mode in controller software e.g. quick/normal/fine.
  • Press 3D print button!
  • Check initial layers bond correctly to platform and previous layers.

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  1. I’ve never printed anything in 3D but reading your checklist makes me want to find out more about it! Who would have thought there’d be a checklist for 3D printing!

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