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Property review checklist

If you’re planning to buy or rent a new place and get the opportunity to do a in-person check, make sure you run through this property review checklist or get the sales agent to do it for you if you’re on the other end of the video call for a remote viewing! 

  • Are the communal grounds and area well kept?
  • Is any parking included?
  • Is there a garden with the property?
  • How much noise can you hear outside the property?
  • How much outside noise can you hear once inside the property?
  • How much natural light is there in the property?
  • In which compass direction does the property’s living room face?
  • Is there any mould around the rooms?
  • Is there any damp around the rooms?
  • What’s the condition of the ceiling and walls paint?
  • Feel any drafts when you walk about?
  • What kind of flooring is it?
  • Is the front door secure?
  • Do the doors close well?
  • Do the windows close well?
  • Check the water pressure of kitchen taps
  • Dishwasher machine present?
  • Fridge/freezer machine present and in good condition?
  • Washing machine present?
  • Does the toilet flush well?
  • Check water pressure of bathroom sink taps
  • Check water pressure of bathroom shower taps
  • Check water pressure of bathroom bath taps
  • Any loose tiling?
  • Will curtains come with the property?
  • What’s the location of the electricity / gas meters?
  • Where is the electricity fuse board located?

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