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Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

[CL-embed]Cleaning the bathroom may not sound like a whole heap of fun however seeing the final result usually proves fulfilling. To ensure you (or a member of your family) take all the necessary steps to spring clean the bathroom use this spring cleaning checklist bathroom to get super shiny and clean results!

  • Gather essential cleaning supplies:
    • Surface/sink/shower cleaner.
    • Windex.
    • Floor cleaner.
    • Toilet bowl cleaner.
    • New toilet bowl brush.
    • Polish.
    • Trash bags.
    • Paper towels.
    • Bucket filled with warm water and soap.
  • Pull out everything in cupboards or drawers, clean and then organize (put everything back).
  • Refill soap, toilet paper, etc.
  • Start off with dusting and wipe down the ceiling and light fixtures.
  • Clean and dust around the windows.
  • Wipe down, clean the walls, tiles, ledges and floorboards.
  • Wash and curtains that are washable – otherwise, wipe them down or vacuum them.
  • Clean the widows and mirrors.
  • Clean shower and bath.
  • Clean the toilet, inside and out.
  • Clean countertop, sink, and splash back panel.
  • Dust anything that’s left over including fixtures.
  • Replace the toilet bowl brush.
  • Clean the toilet bowl brush holder.
  • Vacuum the floor.
  • Wash the floor.

Anything missing? Let me know with a comment below. If you’re thinking what about the spring cleaning the kitchen? I’ve got a separate checklist for it here.


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  1. Hi Marc, there’s a specific spring cleaning kitchen checklist here http://checklistables.com/spring-cleaning-checklist-kitchen/ – but good point, I’m sure Kim will update her bathroom checklist to link to the kitchen one too. 😉

  2. Hi.

    Didn’t you forget the kitchen..? It could be nice with a kitchen cleaning checklist 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for the checklist…

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