Dancing with the Stars Checklist

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It’s that time of the year again with the Dancing with the Stars competition kicking off (excuse the pun) so I thought it would be fun to create a checklist for all of us who aspire to get on the show, getting as many votes as possible in order to win the competition ourselves. Here’s what you need to do in order to get into the competition and win it – good luck!

  • First, you need to become a ‘C-listed’ celebrity
  • If you are already an A or B listed celebrity, tank your career
  • Get a great agent who gets you the gig to be on Dancing with the Stars
  • Be willing to put yourself out there – way out there
  • Expect to become embarrassed in front of millions (and if you’re not, fake it)
  • Get fit (for men this means get a 6-pack, for ladies – its all about your assets)
  • Secretly take extra dancing classes
  • Release a fitness video to help incentivize yourself and have an ever lasting record of how fit you were looking
  • Invite the cameras to watch you practice and let them see you struggle
  • Get comfortable with not wearing very much
  • Wear very, very tight clothing
  • Get ready to dish up dirt on your fellow competitors
  • Be super nice to the judges at all times
  • Encourage the judges to gush over your performance
  • Get your ‘showtime’ story ready to draw in the audience and get people to vote for you
  • Make sure that your dancing partner can hold their own
  • At your dancing debut number, take a few A-lister celebrity friends
  • Suggest that your celebrity friends speak openly about how great you are and what a quick study you’ve been
  • Oh and if they cry at during your debut number, even better
  • And lastly, always remember to thank your fans and the audience for voting for you as it’s your dream to win the competition!


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