Zombie Survival Checklist

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It’s the time many have doubted would ever occur and a time that many have dreamed about—the era of mindless, man-eating zombies. The world has become desolate, and simple living is only a memory. Now, you are crouching upon a rooftop looking at the horde of mindless wanderers, their moans and growls sounding as common as crickets on a summer evening. You sigh. These are the times when you wish you had taken the purified water instead of the latest Air Jordans. Next time, you’ll keep this list Zombie Survival Checklist in mind.

When traveling around Zombies:

  • Always scout out the area so that you know all your possible exits—the one you want to use may get blocked.
  • Have a back-up plan.
    • Have a back-up plan for your back-up plan.
  • Travel in a group. Why?
    • If two heads are better than one then you know ten must be awesome.
    • More eyes increase the chances of spotting trouble
    • If push comes to shove, you have options (people) to sacrifice for your own survival
  • Try to travel light. It would be hard to run with an Apple T.V. wouldn’t it?
  • When scavenging, ask yourself these/this question(s):
    •  Do I need it now?
    • What are the chances of me using it in the next week?
  • When your phones fail—and they will, you won’t have Google maps or navigation to guide you, or that digitized clock to tell you it’s time to look for shelter. Keep your eyes open for watches, maps, and compasses.

When Handling Zombies:

  • Try to kill with a silent weapon, lest you risk alerting more of them
  • Aim for the head. The brain is a controller for the body’s activity, so destroying it, in essence, will destroy the zombie.
  • Just be simple and to the point. This is not the time to show off your jujitsu or improvised-art forms, unless you don’t mind risking, oh, I don’t know — you’re life.
    Things to have with you:
  • A weapon. Duh!
    • A gun is great if you can get your hands on one, but you can survive without one. It is perfect when handling zombies from a distance.
    • A knife is similar to a multipurpose tool; It can open or cut things up, be used as a weapon, and all you need is a rock or flat surface to keep it sharp/useful.
    • Some close combat weapons include a bat, pole, axe, or a katana.
  • Can opener; Most edible goods will be packaged or canned, and it would be sad to find yourself staring at a can of chili, unable to open it.
  • Med Kit: Peroxide/Alcohol, needle, thread, and cloths.
  • A lighter or matches for starting fires or lighting scented candles in the new funky world.
  • A gallon or pint of water: It’s essential to live, and it can be used to clean potential wounds and food. You can also refill it as you come across water sources.

You! Personal Advice

  • Don’t get caught taking a selfie or a snapchat of you “surviving”. The people you think care are probably dead…or their phones are.
  • Avoid having your hair out. I know even in apocalyptic times we like to look good and have our hair long and flowing in the wind, but it will flow right into a zombie’s grasp.
  • Avoid baggy or loose clothing; it’s just an extra feature for zombies to grab. (Sorry, MC Hammer)
  • Be reflective, have common sense, and think! Don’t be an Andrea (from AMC’s the walking dead) or a Sarah (Telltale’s walking dead the game)

Have you survived a Zombie attack? Do you know more about survival techniques when dealing with Zombies? If yes, please contribute in the below comments!

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