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Choosing a Wedding Reception Venue Checklist

Choosing a wedding reception venue can be a difficult task. The first challenge is to find a few reception venues that have availability (even if it is years away!) and then after that it’s a matter of cost, accommodation and the available options that they have in order to make the day one to remember forever. Use this wedding reception venue checklist to ensure you ask all the right questions when choosing your ideal wedding reception venue.

Wedding Reception Venue

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Choosing a Wedding Reception Venue Checklist

Key Factors

  • Do you have availability for the dates we need?
  • What is the cost per head range?
  • What is the estimated cost for an open bar?
  • How long is the venue available for the reception?
  • Minimum number of guests?
  • Maximum number of guests?
  • What photo opportunities are available on-site?
  • Is onsite accommodation available?
  • Cost of accommodation?
  • How much deposit is needed to reserve the venue?
  • What discounts are available for bulk bookings?
  • Who will be the person managing my reception? When can I meet them?

Food and drink

  • Set meal? If yes, how many courses? What are my options?
  • Buffet? If yes, what are the options?
  • Vegetarian or special request menu?
  • Is the food prepared fresh onsite?
  • What is included if a drinks package is purchased?


  • What are the decoration options?
  • Do you handle the flowers? If yes, what are the options?
  • Are seat covers and sashes included?
  • Do you create the seating arrangement and names for the tables?


  • What are the options? DJ, Band, etc?
  • Can I choose my own entertainer?
  • Is a MC supplied?
  • Are the MC and DJ different people?
  • How large is the dance floor?
  • Do you supply the microphone for the speeches?

Good to Know/Might Want to Ask

  • Are prices fixed once I’ve booked?
  • How many weddings do you do at a time?
  • Is it possible to taste the food and wine?
  • Is it possible to bring our own beer/wine? If yes, is there a corkage cost?
  • What if fewer guests arrive than I’ve paid for?
  • Are there any children packages?
  • What happens if it rains (if the venue is outside)

Did I miss anything out of this Wedding Reception Venue Checklist? Let me know by adding a comment below!

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