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Sailing Guest Packing Checklist

If you’re lucky enough to be invited to go sailing with friends who own a boat (yacht, catamaran or even a motor boat) don’t hesitate and jump at the chance as we’ve got the perfect Sailing Guest Packing Checklist waiting for you to use. Here’s everything that you need. Pack light assuming lovely temperatures and crystal clear blue waters.

The essentials for sailing guest packing

  • Backpack (for plane / short day trips)
  • A great book to read
  • Pen and paper
  • A valid Passport (make sure it has at least 6 months left to go)
  • Waterproof bag/pouch
  • Soft bag to put everything in!
  • Clothing
    • T-shirts
    • Shorts
    • Board shorts
    • Belt
    • Shirt
    • Underwear
    • A raincoat
    • Hat or cap
  • Shoes. Must have a white rubber sole. eg. white rubber soled trainers are fine.
  • Flip flops. For walking around on land, not for on the boat as you’ll be barefoot.
  • Swimming gear:
    • trunks
    • bikini
  • Snorkelling gear:
    • Mask
    • Snorkel
    • Fins
  • Sunglasses (with a lanyard)
  • Medication. If you do take any medication bring more than you usually need
    • Seasickness pills
  • Toiletries:
    • Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste
    • Hair brush
    • Razor
    • Nail clippers
    • Cotton buds
  • Sun protection lotion
  • After sun lotion
  • Camera and charger
  • Music player and charger
  • Noise cancelling headphones
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Tablet and charger
  • Into Scuba? Read our Scuba diving equipment gear checklist

The ‘Maybe Take’ List

Check with your hosts if they will supply you with the following items:
    • Adapters
    • Towels
    • Masks
    • Snorkels
    • Electrical things like hair dryer, shaver

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