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Kids Party Checklist

When children are very young (babies) the party is all about pleasing the adult guests. As the child gets older, however, the party can make or break your child’s reputation! Make sure you remember everything necessary to ensure your child’s popularity is safe by following this Kids Party Checklist:

  • Buy invitations. Make sure your child picks them so they’re cool 
  • Pick up some matching ‘thank you’ cards at the same time
  • Ask your child to make a list of the kids they want to invite (put a limit on the number)
  • Accidentally scratch off the list any kids that won’t be well mannered at the party
  • Send out the invites (one month before the party)
  • Purchase the party bags and party bag gifts (remember to make sure they’re good!)
  • Arrange entertainment (find out what other kids parents have done and go one better)
  • Arrange games and prizes
  • Create a party mix on your Ipod based on your child’s favorite songs
  • Purchase decorations (balloons, streamers, table mat, plates, cups, kazoos, party poppers, center piece, napkins)
  • Get table placement name cards if you need to keep certain kids away from others
  • Get candles
  • Order cake
  • Order food
  • Order drinks
  • Ice needed?
  • Set up large trash bins
  • Make sure your camera is charged
  • Decorate
  • Set the table
  • Arrange the entertainment, games and prizes
  • Prepare the food and drink
  • Let the kids go crazy
  • Remember to get them fed and give the cake as quick as possible – to people that leave early, get the full celebration
  • Send each child off with a party bag
  • Bribe the late stayers to help clean up while you put your exhausted birthday boy/girl to bed
  • Poor yourself a glass of wine and remind yourself never to do that again!
  • Send ‘thank you’ cards out

What’s missing? Leave me a comment and I’ll make this awesome list even awsome-er!

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  1. Very comprehensive check list. thanks

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