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Housewarming Party Checklist

Moving can be such torture. It’s high up on the list of things that stress humans out the most. In fact, it’s up there with divorce. But, once the boxes have been unpacked, the furniture is all set up and the pictures are hung up on the wall, it’s time for a celebration! There’s no better way to celebrate than throwing a housewarming party. Here’s what you’ll need for it to go off without a hitch.

  • Pick a date. It’s best to give yourself a week or two (or three) after moving in and getting settled to start throwing a housewarming party. You’re going to be stressed out, and you’ll need a few days to unwind before wrapping your head around the next task at hand. Weekend are usually the best for parties.
  • Pick a theme. This is optional, but sometimes it’s fun to add a theme to the festivities and encourage guests to bring specific items like Champagne and Cupcakes or have a cookout and encourage people to bring their favorite fixings.
  • Make a guestlist. Depending on how big your new place is, you may want to seriously consider how many people you can fit in your new home at a time. There’s nothing worse than an overcrowded party and you want your guests to feel comfortable in your new home. If space is limited, consider throwing a series of events to celebrate. Also, the more people you invite, the more expensive it will be. Know your budget. Include family, friends and co-workers.
  • Invite your friends. There are several quick and easy ways to invite your friends. You can send out an email or use Facebook or Evite. For a more personal touch, write out invitations and send them through the post the old fashioned way.
  • Hors d’oeuvres. You can make a bunch of appetizers for your guests, but the reality is you’re probably still a little worn out from the move and it may be more appealing to place an order to your local deli / bakery and have them make you a fruit and meat plate with assorted cookies.
  • Drinks. Most likely, your guests won’t come empty handed. Usually, people bring bottles of wine or beer as housewarming gifts. However, it’s best to have a selection of beverages. Be mindful that not everyone drinks alcohol and have some non-alcoholic selections available for them.
  • Napkins. Finger foods can be a little messy. Be sure to buy plenty of napkins and put them on the food table for your guests to use.
  • Secure pets. Be sure to keep your pets in a safe and secure place during the party. The last thing you want is your cat or dog running loose in the neighborhood.
  • Secure your valuables. Of course you trust your friends, but sometimes they bring guests and you may not know who they are. It’s always a good idea to place your valuable jewelry and money in a safe place, out of eyesight.
  • Be a good host. Offer drinks and food to guests who arrive, mingle with everyone, and introduce people to each other.
  • Give a tour. It’s a housewarming party, afterall. Everyone’s going to want to check out the new place.
  • Clean up. Some thoughtful guests will chip in with the clean up at the end of the night, but you’ll have to do a bulk of it yourself. Be sure to have plenty of garbage bags handy.

Enjoy your new home! 😉

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