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      Last updated: 29 January 2015 (see replies for what changes were made)

      Interested in helping us write quality checklists? We’re offering $10 for each quality checklist that you write for us.

      You must ensure that you follow these steps. Failure to do so will result in NO payment to you and repeat offences will result you in being banned from this scheme. You have been warned.

      Our golden rules

      1. It is your responsibility to follow these rules and make sure that you follow them.
      2. Anyone breaking any of our bidding and $10 checklist submission rules will be banned and we will not accept any content from you.
      3. Our decision is final.

      Bidding for work

      1. You must first register with us with your email address that you also use with PayPal. By registering you are accepting all our rules, terms and conditions.
      2. We are only interested in checklists that appear in our ‘Wanted Checklists’ forum. If you write a checklist that has not been asked for you will not be eligible for the $10 payment.
      3. You must claim a ‘wanted checklist’ item before you write and submit it.  Do so by replying to that wanted checklist item in the forums and state ‘CLAIMED’ – this lets others know that you are going to write it. If you don’t write it within 2 elapsed days of claiming it then the checklist item will automatically be considered to be up for grabs again and someone else can claim it.
      4. In the interests of fairness, you cannot claim more than 3 wanted checklists at any given time and you cannot claim the same checklist consecutively as there are other checklist authors to consider.
      5. The checklist title must be an exact match for our ‘wanted checklist’ item. Variants on the title will automatically be rejected. For example, the ‘wanted checklist’ item in our forums is called [Event] Picnic checklist.  The words in brackets [ ] is the category and the checklist title is ‘Picnic checklist’ so you must call your checklist ‘Picnic checklist’.
      6. When writing the checklist, you MUST adhere to our creator guidelines and rules on this page and on our creator guidelines page so make sure you adhere to them before you submit your checklist using the ‘Add Checklist’ form. We match on the checklist title so we will know whether or not if it’s one of our ‘Wanted Checklist’ items.
      7. Checklists that you write for us and receive payment for cannot have any links to external websites and will be published under the user CheckListables.

      Reviewing your $10 checklist submission

      1. Once you have submitted your checklist, we will confirm within 48 hours whether or not it meets our rules, quality criteria and requirements. If it is close to meeting our requirements, we will ask you to improve the checklist and re-submit.
      2. If your submitted checklist is accepted, we’ll immediately pay $10 into your PayPal account (which MUST be the same email address that you registered with This payment is classed as a PayPal ‘Goods and Services’ transaction so as the seller, you may be liable for fees.
      3. Once the checklist is accepted and we have paid out (you’ll get a notification from PayPal), the topic will be updated by us to reflect this and the topic will then be closed and moved to our Published Wanted Checklists Archives forum.

      The top 3 reasons for a checklist being rejected

      1. You failed to claim the checklist before you wrote and submitted the checklist
      2. Your submitted checklist title does not match your claimed ‘Wanted Checklist’ item
      3. The checklist is of poor quality

      The top reason why a checklist is rejected

      1. Your registered email address with CheckListables is different to your PayPal address.
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      Updated rules to include the following changes:

      • [NEW] There’s now a max of 3 wanted checklists that can be claimed at any one time (applies to all new claims from this update’s date/time stamp)
      • [UPDATED] You must write and submit it within 2 elapsed days of claiming the wanted checklist. This proves that you are keen to actually write it and not just blocking it from being written by other checklist creators.   (original value was 10 elapsed days.)
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      Updated rules to include the following changes:

      • [UPDATED] Clarified that PayPal payment will be classed as a PayPal ‘Goods and Services’ transaction so as the seller, you may be liable for fees.
      • [UPDATED] A Wanted Checklist will be published by us under the user: CheckListables
      • [NEW] Once published, the related Wanted Checklist forum topic will be moved to our Published Wanted Checklists Archives forum
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