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      Are you ready to join the checklist revolution? Are you ready to become a CheckListables Creator? Welcome aboard! We’re so excited to grow our database of checklists. Follow this master checklist of all checklists to create your own:

      • Click here to see the ‘Add A New Checklist’ form or find the option on the navigation menu bar.
      • Add your checklist name making sure it ends with ‘Checklist’. eg. ‘Planning a Picnic Checklist’
      • Create an introduction to your checklist explaining what it’s for, when to use it or a short story as to why you’ve created it.
      • Create your checklist items by just having each item appear as a new line. Tab the text in if you want sub-bullets.
      • Choose a category that best fits your checklist.
      • Tag your list. If you had to describe your checklist using a few different keywords, what would you use? For example, a ‘Moving House Checklist,’ would go under the category of Home, so you don’t need to use the word ‘home.’ You could however tag your list with ‘Moving,’ or ‘Moving House.’
      • Optional: Select an image to use for the header of your checklist. 660 by 330 is the optimal sized image. (See our support article for more info). Once the image has been uploaded, enter the same title you used for the checklist. For example, if your checklist is called ‘Flying A Plane Checklist,’ then use ‘Flying A Plane Checklist,’ again.
      • Tick the T&C box to confirm that you’ve read our Creator Guidelines
      • Click on the button, ‘Submit Your Checklist’
      • After you hit Submit your checklist will go through quality assurance. We’ll aim to get your checklist published as soon as possible!
      • As an Creator you will get an email when you’ve submitted a checklist, when the checklist has been published, or if the state of your checklist changes (in the future)
      • If you need help or are looking for some special tips, ask in these forums.
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